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abate to become less active, less intense, or less in amount I hope the storm will abate soon
abstract existing purely in the mind; not representing actual reality Perfection is an abstract concept
abysmal extremely bad Because of my abysmal behavior, my mom did not allow me to hangout with my friends.
accordingly in accordance with The clothes in the store were not priced accordingly.
acquisition the act of gaining a skill or possession of something The US gained acquisition of Hawaii in 1898
adapt -to make suit a new purpose -to accommodate oneself to a new condition, setting, or situation She has to adapt to cleaning and cooking by herself when her mother left
adept having knowledge or skill I am adept at playing volleyball
adequate having sufficient qualifications to meet a specific task or purpose He did not have adequate skills to get the job
advent the arrival or creation of something The advent of airplanes changed how people travel greatly
adversarial relating to hostile opposition An adversarial relationship with clients serves no good.
advocate -someone who promotes or defends something -to defend or promote something usually a belief, theory, opinion She was a strong advocate for women's rights
aesthetic relating to beauty or refined taste I found the aesthetic view of the mountains to be enjoyable
afford to be able to buy/spare I can afford to buy the new phone
agitate to promote something People who chew their food loudly agitate me greatly
allow to permit or consent to She allowed me to go on the class trip
allude to make a secretive mention of something Don't allude to her pet's death when you talk to her
altercation a noisy argument or confrontation The two friends had an altercation over a trivial issue
ambiguous unclear or vague in meaning The ambiguous ending to the movie left many viewers confused
ambitious having a powerful desire for success or achievement She had very ambitious plans for the future
ambivalence the state of being uncertain or stuck between two or more options His ambivalence about the perfect gift for his girlfriend led him to spend hours at the mall.
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