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for final

med term

Achyla not gastric partial or complete loss of gastric juice
agenesis not developed , faulty or incomplete developement
anomaly not distributed , not in a normal or expected position
aplasia not formed, the incomplete or faulty formation of an organ or part
aspiration to breath, the act of breathing or drawing in, also removal of fluids or gases from a cavity
atresia not opening, absence or closure of a natural passage of the body
atrophy not nourished , a wasting away or decrease in size as from disuse , old age, injury, or disease
abscess literally to GO away , a localized collection of pus surrounded by inflamed tissue
adhesion sticking to, the abnormal union of surface normally separated by the formation of new fibrous tissue, also the union of edges of a wound
adenocarcinoma cancerous gland tumor, a cancerous(malignant) tumor originating in glandular tissue such as breast
adenolymphoma tumor of the lymph gland, an adenoma(benign tumor of gland like structure
adenomyoma tumor of gland and muscle, a benign tumor composed of muscular and glandular elements
adenomyosis condition of muscle and gland, the presence of endometrial(lining of uterus)material in the myometrium(muscle layer of the wall of uterus) Internal Endometriosis
adenoma tumor of gland, a benign tumor of gland-like structure
aerophagia air swallowing, the swallowing of air especially in hysteria
agglutination stick to , the process of union in the healing of a wound also a reaction in which particles such as red blood cells , bacteria and virus particles tend to cluster together when suspended in a liquid
ameloblastoma tumor of enamel buds or germ cells, a tumor of the jaw formed from remnants of tooth enamel germ(bud or sprout) cells
amyloid resembling starch, starchlike substance starchy food
anorexia lacking appetite, pathological loss of appetite from psycic issues starvation diets
anaplastic form back again, characterized by reversed development
angulation process or connected with an angle, an abnormal bend or curve in an organ
bifurcation two forked, branching into two parts , division into two branches
bulimia literally Hungry as Cattle an abnormal and constant craving for food
calcareous full of lime, containing calcium or any calcium compound
calculus a small stone,solid stone-like matter composed mostly of mineral salts found mainly in hollow organs,ducts,passages,and cyts
carcinoma cancerous tumor, a malignant tumor
cardialgia heart pain, heartburn; pain in the heart
caudally toward the tail, in a direction more toward the tailor the rear part of the trunk
chlorhydria meaning hydrochloric acid , hydrochloric acid in gastric juices essential in breaking down food into simpler chemical compounds that can be absorbed and used by body
achlorhydria not hydrochloric acid, absence of hydrochloric acid from gastric juice
hyperchlorhydria excessive hydrocloric acid in gastric juice , ulceration
hypochlorhydria deficient hydrchloric acid in gastric juice
cholangioma tumor of bile duct,
chondroma tumor of bile duct
concretion grow together , a hard mass formed in a body cavity or in a tissue
constipation press together, abnormally delay or infrequent movement of hard stool
contracture draw together,
dilataion wide apart, stretched beyond normal dimensions result of overwork or disease
diverticulation a turning away from, the formation of abnormal pouches or sacs opening from a hollow organ such as the intestine or bladder
diarrhea flow through, an abnormal frequency of discharge of more or less fluid waste products from the bowels
dislocation apart from place, displacement of one or more bones at a joint compare displacement ectopia
displacement apart from place, ectopia(out of place)
distortion twisting apart, the state of being twisted out of a natural or normal state or position
dorsally backwardly, in a back position or direction
duplication doubling, process of doubling applied to abnormal doublings or dupli. in fetal development
dysphagia difficult swallowing, do to disease or accident
dysplasia abnormal development, abnormal growth or development as of organs tissues or cells
efferent carry from from, bearing or conducting outward from part or organ specifically the conveying of nervous impulses from a center
elongation far away from, the process or condition of increasing in length
eructation belch forth, belching gas
ectopia away from place, abnormal congenital or position of an organ
embolism thrown in , stopped , sudden blocking of an artery by a clot or obstruction carried by the blood stream
embolus throw in stopper , the clot or plug obstructing the blood flow in a blood vessel
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