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A flavorful liquid made w water, bones, mirepoix, buquet garni or sache d'epice

white stock clear, pale liquid
brown stock amber colored, uses browned bones
fumet a stock made with fish bones
court bouillon a stock made with aromatic vegetables
glace reduced stock made with jelly like consistency
jus rich stock used as a sauce for roasted meats
vegetable stock made with mirepoix, leeks and turnips
blanching rids a stock of some of the impurities that can cause cloudiness in a stock
browning placing bones in a 400 degree oven for about an hour until they are golden brown
sweating causes bones and mirepoix to release flavor more quickly when liquid is added
cooling stock done to minimize the time the stock spends in the temperature danger zone (cool in an ice water bath)
degreasing process of removing fat that has cooled and hardened from the surface of the stock
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