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ICD_10 Ch 6 G codes

Dx of the Nervous System

What type of codes are included in the G codes? Combination codes with both etiology and manifestations.
G89, Pain not elsewhere classified may be used how? Generally, it can be used to in conjunction with codes from other chapters to provide more detail about acute or chronic pain.
If the pain is not specified as acute or chronic, would it be appropriate to add G89 for post-thoracotomy, post procedural, or cancer-related pain? No
Under what circumstances would it be appropriate to code G89 as a first-listed or principal dx? What other code(s) would need to be added? When pain management/control is the main reason for the encounter.. Code(s) for the underlying cause of the pain would be additional dx codes to be added.
What is the first code when the prime reason for the encounter is insertion of a neurostimulator? The appropriate pain code..
What is the first code when the reason for the encounter is to treat the underlying condition and a neurotransmitter is inserted during the encounter? The underlying condition. The appropriate pain code should follow.
How is coding handled when one code include a body part in the pain definition but not an indication of type of pain that is documented in the medical record? The G89 code can be used along with the site of the pain code.
If the reason for the encounter is for pain control or pain management, what should be coded first? second? pain code followed by specific site pain code.
If the reason for the encounter is for any other reason than pain control/management, and no definitive diagnosis has been established, what should be coded? code for specific site followed by appropriate G89 code.
What is the default for post-thoracotomy or post-op pain that is not specified as acute or chronic? Acute
What if post-op pain is NOT related to a specific post-op complication? How should it be coded? Appropriate G89 code.
What if post-op pain IS related to a specific post-op complication? How should it be coded? An appropriate Charter 19 code should be used. In addition, if needed to further describe the pain, G89 would be used for acute or chronic.
How long does pain have to be present to be described as "chronic" pain? There is no timeframe. Go by the documentation.
If paralysis is the result of sequela of CVA, is a code used to indicate dominant/nondominat side? No
If the dominant side is not specified, what is the default? Dominant
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