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Nervous System

Neurology And Psychiatry

Cerebr/o- Encephal/o Cerebropathy, Cerebrospinal, Encephalitis, Encephalogram
Cerebell/o Cerebellar, Cerebellitis
Lob/o Lobotomy, Lobectomy
Cephal/o Microcephaly, Macrocephaly
Crani/o Craniometer, Cramiomalacia
Mening/o, Meningi/o Meningitis, Meningopathy
Dur/o Epidural, Subdural Hematoma
Neur/o Neuralgia, Neuropathy
Gangli/o Ganglion, Ganglitis
Myel/o Myelitis, Myelodysplasia
Esthesi/o Anesthesia, Hyperesthesia
Phas/o Aphasia
Phren/o, Psych/o Phrenetic, Psychology
Some/o, Somn/i, Hypn/o Somnography, Insomnia, Hypnosis
Gnosi/o Agnosia, Atopgnosis, Diagnosis, Prognosis
Mania Pyromania, Kleptomania
Phobia Photophobia, Hydrophbia
Miscellaneous Neurologic Conditions Neuroglycopenia, Nystagmus
Professional Terms Related To Anatomy-Afferent Nerve, Efferent Nerve
Specialists-Anesthesiologist, Psychiatrist, Psychologist
Diagnostic Terms-Neurogenic, Psychosomatic
Abbreviations Related To Anatomy CNS, CSF, PNS, MS, TIA
Abbreviations Related To Diagnostic Procedures And Measurements EEG, EMG, ICP, LOC, LP, MRA, PET, SRS
Abbreviations Related To Mental Conditions ADHD, OCD
Abbreviations To Nervous System Condition ALS, CP, CVA, HD
Endarterectomy Surgical procedure on the vessels that affect the brain
Causalgia, Anosmia Miscellaneous conditions of feelings/ sensations
Interictal, Postictal, Preictal Terms relating to seizures
Dyslexia, Dementia, Delirium Impairment of mental functions
Syncope Impairment associated with loss of blood flow to the brain
Catatonia Impairment of the muscle tone
Created by: bridgetleyva
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