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N A Cryosurgery- 856

Nursing Arts Cryosurgery Pg. 856

What position is the pt placed in for Cryosurgery of the cervix? Place pt in the lithotomy postion & drape accordingly. (Pt is on back, knees bent, buttocks at edge of table & feet in stirrups)
What is cryosurgery? The application of freezing temperatures to kill diseased cells
What does freezing cause? Cellular necrosis
What is involved in the procedure? Placing a probe against the problem area on the cervix & applying liquid nitrogen
How long is the nitrogen applied? 3 or 4 mins or until the site is frozen
How long might the pt experience pain after the procedure? 30 mins
Might the pt have a discharge after this procedure? Yes, a slight watery discharge for up to a week
What should the pt watch for and report to the office right away? Signs of infection, foul discharge, or pain development
How soon can the pt return to normal sexual relations? After 1 month
Should the pt expect any changes in her menstrual period? Yes, she can expect the first one to be heavier than usual
Why would the MA encourage the pt to take deep breaths? To promote relaxation of the pelvic muscles
What position do you place the pt when the procedure is done? Supine
What is the temperature of the probe? -20 degrees C or -4 degrees F
What things is cryosurgery used to treat? Cancers of the skin, prostate, liver, pancreas, & kidney
Where is cryosurgery often performed? In an office setting or in outpatient surgery center
Created by: spawmary