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N A Breast Exam

N A Breast Exam Pg 857

What time of the month should a breast exam be completed and why? 1 - Immediately after the menstrual period; 2 - Because there is minimal breast engorgement
When should nonmenstruating women examine their breasts? At the first of each month
Where should the exam start? In the shower; Raise one arm & with fingers flat, press gently in small circles, starting at the outmost top edge of the breast, spiraling in toward the nipple. (Including the axillary region.)
When Examining the right breast what hand would you use? The left
After shower, continue the exam where? In front of a mirrow. Steps to follow: Place arms at sides, then raise arms above head, watch for changes in size, shape & contour of each breast, also for - puckering, dimpling or changes in skin texture
Why would you gently squeeze both nipples? To look for discharge?
What is the final step of the exam? Place a towel or pillow under right shoulder and touch in same manner as in the shower
How do you verify pt understands procedure? Have pt demonstrate using the teaching model
Created by: spawmary