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medical terminology

word roots

systol/o contraction
system/o, systemat/o body system
syring/o tube
syphil/i, syphil/o syphillis
synovi/o, synov/o synovial membrane, synovial fluid
syndrom/o running together
syndesm/o ligament
-syndesis surgical fixation
syncop/o to cut short, cut off
synaps/o, synapt/o point of contact
syn- together, with, union, association
symptomat/o falling togethre, symptom
sym- with, together, joined together
sutur/o stitch, seam
supraren/o above or on the kidney, suprarenal
supra- above, upper excessive
suppur/o, suppurat/o to form pus
suppress/o press down
supinat/o bend backward, place of the back
supin/o lying on the back
suprerflu/o overflowing, excessive
superflu/o overflowing, excessive
super-, super/o above, excessive, higher than
sulc/o furrow, groove
suffoc/o, suffocat/o choke, strangle
sudor/i sweat
sucr/o sugar
subluxat/o partial dislocation
sub under, less, below
style.o pen, pointed instrument
style/o pen, pointed instrument
stup.e benumbed, sunned
strid.o harsh sound
strict.o draw tightly together, bind or tie
stric narrowing
striat.o stripe, furrow, groove
strept.o twisted chain
strat.i layer
strab.i squint, squint-eyed
stuomosis, stomy furnish with a mouth or outlet, new opening
stomat.o mouth
stol.o send or place
stimul/o goad, prick, incite
stigmat/o point, spot
sthenia strength
steth.o chest
stert.o snore, snoring
stern.o sternum, the breastbone
steril.i sterile
stere.o solid, three-dimension
ster.o solid structure
stensis abnormal narrowing
sten.o narrowing, contracted
steat.o fat, lipid, sebum
stasis, static control, maintenance of a constant level
san/o sound, healthy, sane blood
sangu/i, sanguin/o sanit/o soundness, health clear, apparent, manifest decaying, rotten flesh, connective tissue
saphen/o carve, scrape scapula, shoulder blade division, split spark
sapr/o hard
sarc/o sclera, white ofeye, hard abnormal hardening curved, bent instrument for visual
scalp/o examination pertaining to visual examination visual examination darkness
scapul/o write
schiz/o bag or pouch sebum produce, separate out cut, cutting pieces
scintill/o saddle
scirrh/o half
scler/o semen, seed, sperm old
-sclerosis grow old old age feeling, sensation
scolilo sensitive to, affected by infection
-scope infection, partition serum
—scopic serous saliva salivary gland iron
-scopy Greek letter sigma sigmoid colon glass
scot/o hollow, sinus left, left side sinus
scrib/o, script/o scrot/o abnormal condition, disease place
seb/o skeleton companion, fellow being solution
secret/o loosened, dissolved body
sect/o, secti/o segment/o sleep
sell/o sound
semi- seminhi draw off, draw sudden involuntary contraction,
sen/i tightening or cramping look at, a kind or sort
potent/o powerful
practli, practic/o practice, pursue an
prandi/o, -prandial meal
-praxia action, condition concerning
-praxis performance of movements
pre- act, activity; practice
precoc/i before, in front of
pregn/o early, premature
prematur/o pregnant, full of
preputi/o too early, untimely
presby/o foreskin, prepuce
press/o old age
priap/o press, draw
primi- penis
pro- first
process/o before, in behalf of
procident/o going forth
procreat/o fall down or forward
proct/o reproduce
prodrom/o anus and rectum
product/o running ahead, precursor
prolaps/o lead forward, yield,
prolifer/o fall downward, slide
pron/o, pronat/o reproduce, bear offspring
pros- bent forward
prostat/o before
prosthfo, prostate gland
prosthet/o addition, appendage
protlo, prote/o first
protein/o protein
proxim/o near
prurit/o itching
pseud/o false
psor/i, psor/o itch, itching
psych/o mind
ptomatlo fall
-ptosis droop, sag, prolapse,
-ptyal/o saliva
-ptysis spitting
publo pubis, part of hip bone
pubert/o ripe age, adult
pudend/o pudendum
puerper/i childbearing, labor
pulm/o, pulmon/o lung
pulpos/o fleshy, pulpy
pulsIo beat, beating, striking
punct/o sting, prick, puncture
pupiil/o pupil
pur/o pus
purpur/o purple
purul/o pus-filled
pustullo infected pimple
py/o J3U5
pyel/o renal pelvis, bowl of
pylor/o pylorus, pyloric sphincter
pvr/o, pyret/o fever, fire
pvramid/o pyramid shaped
quadr/i, quadr/o Four
rabi/o madness, rage
rachi/o spinal column, vertebrae
radi!o radiation, x-rays, radius (lateral lower arm bone)
radiat/o giving off rays or radiant energy
radicul/o nerve root
raph/o seam, suture
re- back, again
recept/o receive, receiver
recipi/o receive, take to oneself
rect/o rectum, straight
recticul/o network
recuperat/o recover, regain health
reductfo bring back together
refract/o bend back, turn aside
regurgit/o flood or gush back
remiss/o give up, let go, relax
ren/o kidney
restor/o rebuild, put back, restore
resuscit/o revive
retent/o hold back
reticul/o network
retin/o retina, net
retro- behind, backward, back of
retract!o draw back or in
rhabdomy/o striated muscle
rheum/o, watery flow, subject to flow
rheumat/o nose
rhin/o root
rhiz/o snore, snoring
rhonc/o rhythm
rhythm/o wrinkle
rhytid/o stiff
rigid/o laugh
ris/o x-ray
roentgen/o rotate, revolve
rotat/o bleeding, abnormal excessive fluid
-rrhage, -rrhagia discharge
-rrhaphy to suture
-rrhea abnormal flow, discharge
-rrhexis rupture
rube- red
rug/o wrinkle, fold
sacc/i,sacc/o sac
sacchar/o sugar
sacr/o sacrum
saliv/o saliva
salping/o uterine (fallopian) tube, auditory (eustachian) tube
-salpinx uterine (fallopian) tube
-para to give birth
paralys/o, paralytic parasitlo disable
parathyroid/c parasite
pares/i parathyroid glands
-paresi to disable
paret!o partial or incomplete paralysis to disable
-pareunia sexual intercourse
pariet/o wall
parotid/o parotid gland
-parous having borne one or more children sudden attack
parcxysm/o childbirth, labor
-partum, parturit/o patcH/a, patell/o path/o, -pathy patella, kneecap
paus/o disease, suffering, feeling, emotion cessation, stopping
-pause stopping
pectcr/o chest
ped/o child, foot
pedi/a child
pediculfo louse (singular), lice (plural) pelvic bone, pelvic cavity, hip penis
pelv/i, pelv/o to hang
pen/i deficiency, lack, too few
pendo digest, digestion
-penia excessive, through
peps/i, -pepsia, peptic become aware, perceive
perpercept/c strike, tap, beat
percuss/c surrounding, around
penperine/o perineum
peristalsfo, constrict around
peristalt/o peritoneum
penitonefo to pass or go through
perme/o destructive, harmful
pernici/o fibula
perone/o perspiration
perspir/o intensive cough
pertuss/i skin spot
petechi/o surgical fixation
-pexy lens of eye
phacio eat, swallow
phag/o a cell that destroys, eat, swallow eating, swallowing
-phage lens of eye
-phagia phalanges, finger and toe penis
phak/c drug
phalang/o throat, pharynx
phallic speech
pharmac/o, speak or speech
pharmaceut/o dusky
pharyng/c to bear or carry
phas/o removal
-phasia attraction to, like, love
phleb/o vein
phlegm/c thick mucus
phobic, -phobia abnormal fear
phon/o, -phonia sound, voice
phor/o carry, bear, movement
phot/o light
phren/o diaphragm, mind
-phthisis ,wasting away
-phylactic protective preventive
-phylaxis protection
physi/o, physic/o nature
-physis to grow
phyt/o, -phyte plant
pil/i, pil/o hair
pinn/i external ear, auricle
pituit/c, pituitar/o pituitary gland placenta, round flat cake
plac/o flat plate or patch flat
placent/o placenta, round flat cake
plak/c, -plakia plaque, plate, thin flat layer or scale
plan/c flat
plant/i, plant/c sole of foot
plas/i, plas/c development, growth, formation
plas/c,-piasia development, growth, formation
-plasm formative material of cell
plasm/c something molded or formed
-plastic pertaining to formation
-plasty surgical repair
pie/c more, many
-piegia paralysis, stroke
-plegic one affected with paralysis,
pleur/o pleura, side of the body
plic/o fold or ridge
-pnea breathing
-pneic pertaining to breathing,
pne/o- breath, breathing
pneum/o, pneumon/o lung, air
pod/c foot
poiesis formation, to make
-phoresis carrying transmission
-phoria to bear, carry, feeling, mental state
pigment/o pigment, color
pineal/o pineal gland
plast/o growth, development, mold
poikil/o varied, irregular
pol/o extreme
poli/o gray of brain and spinal cord
pollic/o thumb
poly- many
polyp/o polyp, small growth
pont/o pons (part of brain), bridge
poplit/o back of knee
por/o pore, small opening
-porosis lessening in density, porous condition
port/i gate, door
post- after, behind
poster/o behind, toward the back
potent/o powerful
pract/i, practic/o practice, pursue an occupation
prandi/o, -prandial meal
-praxia action, condition concerning the performance of movements
-praxis act, activity practice
pre before, in front of
precoc/i early, premature
pregn/o pregnant, full of
prematur/o too early, untimely
preputi/o foreskin, prepuce
presby/o old age
press/o press, draw
priap/o penis
primi first
pro pro
process/o going forth
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