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Ch 3 & 4

Orientation & Patient Care

Buffers Activities that decrease the negative effects of stress but do not change the stressors
Stressors Events, both real and imagined, that increase feelings of anxiety
Fight-Or-Flight Response Physiologic response resulting from anger and fear and triggered by a real or imagined threat
Stress Demand on time, energy, and resources with an element of threat
Hassles Unexpected negative changes or events
Time Management Practice of self-management related to how time is used
Worry Time and Energy spent concerned for things over which we have little or no control
In-Control Language Statements that reflect an attitude of choice and evoke positive feelings
Out-of-Control Language Words or phrases that express a lack of control over a situation
Uplifts Planned positive activities to balance Hassles
Analysis Careful examination of the components of a complex situation or problem
Case studies Real-Life Patient situations that are studied and assessed for learning purposes
Critical Thinking Creative action based on professional knowledge and experience involving sound judgement applied with high ethical standards and integrity
Critique Type of evaluation that provides feedback on the quality of a work or creation in the form of an opinion or review
Evalutation Judgement or determination of the quality of a work or creation
Laboratory Experiments Exercises or activities used to reinforce cognitive concepts through the performance of planned steps, usually involving the analysis of data and answering of questions
Portfolio Collection and self-assessment of a representative student work and accomplishments
Practice Standards Defining statements of the professional role and performance criteria for a practitioner
Problem Solving Answering questions in a methodical manner to resolve a challenging situation
Reflection Use of a recording in a journal and personal review of current and past practices to improve future decision making processes
Role Playing Acting out a situation in a realistic manner in the classroom or laboratory
Synthesis Combining multiple areas of knowledge to create a new work or understanding
Teamwork Collaboration with others on the health care team to provide quality patient care
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