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HC3 Mod1 U6 Vocab

HC3 Module 1 Unit 6 Vocabulary

ACTIVE physically or mentally engaged in an activity
ALZHEIMER'S DISEASE destroys memory & other mental functions
CHRONIC long-term
COGNITIVE related to thinking/reasoning
COHERENT logical/consistent/understandable
DEPENDENT relying on someone for support
DISORIENTED confused/lose sense of direction
ELDERLY older/aging people
ENERGETIC showing activity or vitality
FRAIL weak or delicate
GERIATRIC related to old people, especially in healthcare
INCONTINENCE lack of c=voluntary control over urination or defecation
INDEPENDENT not dependent on others
INSPIRATIONAL describes something that stimulates someone to do or feel something
IRRITATED annoyed/slight anger
ISOLATED far away from others/having little in common with others
LETHARGIC low energy/sluggish
LUCID alert/expressed clearly/easy to understand
Created by: sschall