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ICD-10 Abbrev/Other

Abbreviations and "Other" and "Other Specified" used in ICD-10

NEC "Not Elsewhere Classified"; meaning "other specified"; Used when there is not a specific code for the condition.
NOS "Not Otherwise Specified"; Unspecified
Where will NEC be used? in the Alphabetic Index and in the Tabular List
Where will NOS be used? in the Alphabetic Index and in the Tabular List
Brackets [ ] In the Tabular List, these enclose symptoms, alternative wording or explanatory phrases.
Brackets [ ] In the Alphabetic Index these identify manifestation codes.
Parentheses ( ) These enclose non-essential modifiers.
Nonessential modifiers (in parentheses) In the Alphabetic Index,subterms following the main term with one exception.
What happens when a nonessential modifier and a subentry are mutually exclusive? the subentry takes precedence
Where is the Colon : used? in the Tabular List
What does a Colon : appearing after a term mean? This is used after an incomplete term which needs one or more of the modifiers following this to make it assignable to a given category.
When is "other" or "other specified" used in ICD-10? when information in the medical record provides detail for which a specific code does not exist.
What does "NEC" in the Alphabetic Index designate in the Tabular List? "other" codes
"Unspecified" The information in the medical record is insufficient to assign a more specific code.
What does it mean when categories have no "unspecified" code provided? The "other specified" code would represent both Other and Unspecified.
NEC abbreviation that means "there is no separate code for the diagnosis even though the diagnostic statement is present
When would NOS be appropriate to use? When neither the diagnostic statement nor medical record provides information that permits using a more specific code.
Where will you find the appropriate code for NOS in the ICD-10-CM? In the Alphabetic Index, under the Main Term, listed with other subterms.
What must always be reviewed to be certain that a more specific code is not available? When considering the use of an NOS code when it is included in the list of subterms for a Main term.
Which Cross Reference note(s) is/are considered mandatory? "See"; "See Category"
Which Cross Reference note indicates that the coder must refer to an alternate term? "See"
Coding cannot be completed without following which cross-reference note? "See"
Which cross reference note is to be followed only if entries under consideration did not provide a code for the specific condition or procedure? "See also"
Which cross reference note requires that the coding professional refer to that number in the Tabular List and select a code from the options provided there? "See category"
Which cross reference note advises the user to refer to the main term of a condition? "See Condition"
What cross-reference ordinarily appears when the adjective rather than the term (in noun form) has been referenced for the condition itself "See Condition"
Parentheses ( ) enclose what in the Alphabetic Index? non-essential modifiers
What are "non-essential modifiers"? supplementary words that may or may not be present in the statement of disease or procedure without affecting the code number to which it is assigned.
What suggests that the terms are included in the code but need not be stated in the diagnosis? terms in parentheses
What do terms in parentheses tell the coder? Provides reassurance that the correct code has been located.
What is the difference between essential and nonessential modifiers? Essential modifiers are listed as subterms in the Alphabetic Index, not in parentheses, and they do affect code assignment. Words in parentheses are nonessential and do not affect the code assignment.
Created by: ZonaB2
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