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Med Abrevs

Mr G. Medical Abreviatiolns HAMS

pt patient
PT Physical Therapy
GB gallbladder
D/C discharge
d/c discontinue
A & P anatomy and physiology
R right
L left
ad lib freely, at will
ac before meals
AED automated external defibrillator
amb ambulate (walk or move)
ASAP as soon as possible
STAT immediately
ax axillary
bid twice a day
BM bowel movement
BMI body mass index
BMR basal metabolic rate
BP blood pressure
BRP bathroom privileges
c with
CBC complete blood count
CBR complete bedrest
CC chief complaint (The primary symptom that a patient states as the reason for seeking medical care. )
CHF congestive heart failure
CHO carbohydrate (The main source of energy for the human body. )
cl liq clear liquids
c/o complains of
CPR cardiopulmonary resuscitation
CT computerized tomography (Diagnostic imaging technique: multiple X-rays are taken from different angles in a single plane & a series of two-dimensional images of different tissue densities—e.g., fat, muscle, bone, etc.—is constructed by computer.)
DNR do not resuscitate
Dx diagnosis (A concise technical description of the cause, nature, or manifestations of a condition, situation, or problem.)
EEG electroencephalogram (A record of the brain’s electrical activity.)
EKG, ECG electrocardiogram (A record of the heart’s electrical activity. )
FBAO foreign body airway obstruction
FBS fasting blood sugar
FF force fluids
Hgb hemoglobin
Hct hematocrit
HOB head of bed
hs hour of sleep, bedtime
ht height
hx history
IM intramuscular
IV intravenous
LOC level of consciousness
LPN, LVN licensed practical (vocational) nurse
LTC long term care
MRI magnetic resonance imaging
N/A not applicable
neg negative
NG nasogastric
noct night
NKA, NKDA no known allergies - no known drug allergies
NPO nothing by mouth
O2 oxygen
OOB out of bed
OR operating room
OTC over the counter
p after
pc after meals
po by mouth
PPE personal protective equipment
prn as necessary
q2h every 2 hours
qhs every night at bedtime
qs quantity sufficient
qid four times a day
R respiration
RBC red blood cell
RN registered nurse
R/O rule out
ROM range of motion
Rx prescription, take, treatment
s without
ss one half
STD, STI sexually transmitted disease, sexually transmitted infection
T temperature
tab tablet
tid three times a day
UA urinalysis
VS vital signs
WBC white blood cells
w/c wheelchair
wt weight
WNL within normal limits
adm admission
Created by: smnewman
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