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Health Careers

Mr. Gs Select Healthcareers

Nursing Assistant or Nurse Aide Assists the nurses with basic nursing skills (the nurse's right hand person)
Occupational Therapist Helps people of all ages to improve their ability to perform their daily living activities.
Physical Therapist Helps patients with disabilities with large muscle groups like legs, arms, back muscles.
Recreational Therapist Uses recreational and leisure activities as form of treatment
Veterinarian A specialist takes care of animals and pets
Dental Hygienist Works under the supervision of a dentist to remove stains and deposits from the teeth
Dietetic Technician Gathers and evaluates diet histories, assists in planning patient meals, provides nutritional counseling and conducts food service operations and oversees food preparation and service
Dietitian Organizes and supervises the food service operations and meal preparation, makes dietary recommendations, counsel patients and clients about diets and provides educational programs for nutrition, diet modifications, and diet therapy.
Audiologist Tests and measures hearing functions, determines types of hearing disorders, develops and provides patient rehabilitation plans and programs Recommends, dispenses, and tests hearing aids
Diagnostic Medical Sonographer Works with equipment that directs very high frequency sound waves in the body tissues to provide images or pictures of internal organs, diseased masses, and fetuses.
Radiographer Uses radiation equipment (x-ray,ultrasound, PET, MRI) to help diagnose and treat illnesses and injuries under the direction of a physician
Blood Bank Technology Specialist Collects blood and tests for its type and identifies proteins, toxins, abnormal conditions and types of blood used in transfusions and establishes and manages donor and frozen blood programs.
Cytotechnologist Mounts samples of the body's cells on slides and studies them under a microscope looking for clues that signal the presence of a disease.
Histology Technician/Histotechnologist Prepare slides by immersing tissues in fluid to prevent decay, replace the specimen's water with wax, and set the tissues in wax
Medical Laboratory Technician Collects, types, and groups blood under the supervision of pathologists. Stains slides and perform routine tests on the body's blood, tissues, and fluids. Keep records and clean and sterilizes equipment.
Medical Technologist Uses microscopes, computers, and chemicals to prepare and study body tissues and fluids providing data so doctors and researchers can determine the presence and extent of disease.
Phlebotomist Works in the laboratory collecting and processing blood to be analyzed.
Athletic Trainer Develops conditioning and nutrition programs to help athletes prevent injuries. Supervises the treatment and rehabilitation prescribed by physicians when injuries occur.
Emergency Medical Technician/Paramedic Responds to health care crises by driving ambulances, giving emergency medical care, and if necessary, transporting patients to hospitals. Responds to heart attacks, unexpected childbirth, car accidents among other emergencies.
Medical Assistant Prepares patients for exams by taking vital signs. Assist with first aid, collects and processes specimens, and performs ordered tests.
Perfusionist Operates the heart-lung machine during heart bypass and open heart surgery. Monitors blood circulation during surgery and keep the surgical team informed of the patient's condition.
Surgical Technologist Checks charts, position patients on the operating table, and provide emotional support. Prepares the skin and helps apply equipment and monitoring devices.
Health Information Manager Manages health information to meet legal, administrative, and medical requirements, while maintaining complete confidentiality. Creates systems to organize and computerize large amounts of records.
Health Information Technician (Medical Records Technician) Reviews, organizes, and evaluates patient's records for completeness and accuracy and uses records to complete statistics. Assigns code numbers to store patients information according symptoms, diseases, and operations
Medical Transcriptionist Listens to a tape-recorded summary about a patient, types what is heard, and then places the information in the clients' permanent record.
Medical Coder Uses classification system (ICD-9) to assign code numbers to each symptom, diagnosis, disease, procedure, and operation that appears on a patient's chart .
Medical Illustrator Creates visual material to represent scientific and technical information which is used to explain medical information to students, physicians, and patients.
Created by: smnewman
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