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Digestive Part II

Mr. G. "Additional Suffixes & Digestive" Medical Terms - chapter 6 Chabner

-ectasis, -ectasia stretching, dilation, dilatation, widening
-emesis vomiting
-lysis destruction, breakdown, separation
-pepsia digestion
-phagia eating, swallowing
-plasty surgical repair
-ptosis droop; sag; protrude
-ptysis spitting
-rrhage, rrhagia bursting forth (of Blood)
-rrhaphy suture
-rrhea flow, discharge
-spasm sudden, involuntary contraction of muscles
-stasis to stop; control
-stenosis tightening, stricture, narrowing
-tresia opening
ileitis inflammation of the ileum
hepatoma tumor of the liver
gingivitis inflammation of the gums
gastrostomy surgical opening of stomach
facial pertaining to the face
enterocolitis inflammation of the small intestines and colon
enterocolostomy surgical opening of small intestines and colon
anastomosis state of up opening
hypoglossal pertaining to below the tongue
hepatomegaly enlargement of the liver
choledochojejunostomy surgical opening of the common bile duct and jejunum
esophageal pertaining to the esophagus
perianal pertaining to surrounding the anus
appendectomy surgical removal of the appendix
colonoscopy process of viewing the colon
colonoscope instrument to view the colon
dentibuccal pertaining to the tooth and cheek
cholecystectomy surgical removal of the gallbladder
cheilosis (abnormal) state or condition of the lip
lipase fat enzyme
hematochezia defecation of "bright red" blood
postprandial pertaining to after meal
sialolith salivary stone
oral pertaining to mouth
stomatitis inflammation of the mouth
sigmoidoscopy process of viewing the sigmoid colon
palatoplasty surgical repair of the palate
orthodontist specialist who straightens teeth
proctologist specialist who studies anus and rectum
rectocele hernia of rectum
choledocholithiasis abnomal condition of common bile duct stone
lithogenesis producing stones
hyperglycemia blood condition of excessive sugar
glycogenolysis separation (destruction) of animal starch
steatorrhea runny discharge of fat
hyperbilirubinemia blood condition of excessive bile pigment
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