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Stack #32421

polemical --controversial, argued
luculent --easily understood, lucid, clear
poignant --physically painful, distressing, pertinent, touching, stimulating, emotional
engender --cause, produce, give rise to
dissemble --to hide, conceal, disguise
equanimity --calmness of temperament
ingenuous --naive, young, artless, frank, honest, sincere. Don't confuse with "ingenious"--very clever
epicure --food lover, a connoisseur of food
salient --prominent, protruding, conspicuous, highly relevant
inchoate --not yet fully formed, rudimentary, elementary
pugnacious --contentious, quarrelsome, contumacious, given to fighting, belligerent
peremptory --urgent, imperative, unchallengeable, ending debate
exigency --emergency, an urgent situation
ameliorate --improve, make better
august --majestic, venerable. Don't confuse with the month, "August," which is always capitalized.
minatory --menacing, threatening
froward --intractable, not willing to yield or comply, stubborn (NOT "forward")
fetter --to shackle, put in chains
pundit --a learned scholar, an authority on a subject
venal --corruptible, open to bribery
belie --contradict, give a false impression
epitome --brief summary or abstract; representative example; a typical model
prosaic --everyday, mundane, commonplace, trite, pedestrian
hermetic --sealed by fusion
fervor --zeal, ardor, intense emotion
endemic --prevailing in a specific area
reticent --reserved, untalkative, silent, taciturn
rapacious --voracious, greedy, plundering
coeval --of the same period, coexisting
austere --forbiddingly stern, simple, unadorned, very plain
indolence --laziness
pristine --primitive, unspoiled, pure, as in earlier times, unadulterated
capricious --fickle, whimsical, given to change, unpredictable
edifying --enlightening
philistine --a smug ignorant person; one who lacks knowledge
maladroit --clumsy, bungling
detumescence --diminishing or lessening of swelling
stygian --gloomy, dark
calumniate --to slander, present false accusal
baneful --causing harm or ruin, pernicious, destructive
forestall --prevent by taking action in advance, preempt
occult --hidden, concealed, beyond comprehension
irascible --irritable, easily angered
facetious --humorous, funny, jocular
trenchant --forceful, effective, vigorous; extremely perceptive, incisive
stymie --to hinder, obstruct, or block
intransigence --unwillingness to compromise, stubbornness, intractability
mundane --worldly as opposed to spiritual; commonplace, everyday
mitigate --appease, lessen, propitiate
abstruse --difficult to comprehend; obscure
expatiate --to roam, wander freely
propitiate --appease, mitigate
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Created by: leontx