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A Fordney Jan

What is the name of the form that authorizes the physician to treat the employee medical service order
What is the formal report called that is sometimes required to inform the insurance carrier that the patient is able to return to work physician's final report
What are the four classifications of employees that fall under federal workers compensation statutes 1) employees in Washington, DC 2) federal employees 3) miners 4) maritime workers
Name the three types of state workers' compensation disability claims 1) nondisability claims 2) temporary disability claims 3) permanent disability claims
Name the five types of workers compensation benefits 1) medical treatment 2) rehabilitation benefits 3) temporary disability indemnity 4) permanent disability 5) indemnity death benefits
A form of self-insurance designed to serve a small manufacturing company is known as ___ insurance captive
An ___ is an unplanned and unexpected happening traceable to a definite time and place causing injury (damage or loss) not due to any fault on the part of the person injured accident
Any abnormal condition or disorder caused by exposure to environmental factors associated with employment including acute and chronic illnesses or diseases that may be caused by inhalation, absorption, ingestion, or direct contact, is referred to as an __ occupational illness
If a worker's occupation takes him or her into another state, most compensation laws are ___ and effective outside the state by either specific provisions or court decision extraterritorial
Sometimes a patient is released to ___ work to effect a transition between the period of inactivity due to disability and a return to full duty, especially when heavy work is involved modified
Rehabilitation in the form of retraining, education, and job guidance and placement to assist an injured individual in finding work is called ___ rehabilitation vocational
An individualized program of therapy using simulated or real work tasks to build up strength and improve the worker's endurance toward a full day's work is called___ work hardening
An ___ evaluation of the work site may be performed and modifications may be instituted to lessen the possibility of future injury ergonomic
A physician hired by the insurance company or appointed by the regeree or appeals board to examine an injured worker and render an unbiased opinion regarding the degree of disability is referred to as an ____ independent medical evaluator
A ___ expresses legal claim on the property of another for the payment of a debt lien
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