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Weeks 6-12 Flashcards

cranial nerves nerves that originate from the brain or exit through the skull
spinal nerves nerves that originate from the spinal cord and do not exit the skull
neurons excitable cells that conduct the impulses that make possible all nervous system functions.
Schwann cells found only in the PNS and support nerve fibers and sometimes form a myelin sheath around them
levodopa the chemical used by the brain to make dopamine
receptor potential a graded response graded to the strength of the stimulus
referred pain The stimulation of pain receptors in deep structures that is felt in the skin that lies over the affected organ or in an area of skin on the body's surface that is far removed from the site of the disease or injury
root hair plexuses rapidly adapting free nerve endings that are activated when very slight movement on or in the skin bends or de-forms a hair shaft or follicle surrounded by the receptor
hypophyseal portal system carries blood from the hypothalamus directly to the adenohypophysis, where the target cells of the releasing hormones are located
aldosterone the only physiologically important mineralocorticoid whose primary function is the maintenance of sodium homeostasis in the blood.
cortisol, cortisone, and corticosterone chief glucocorticoids secreted by the zona fasciculata of the adrenal cortex
ghrelin produced by epsilon cells near the outer boundary of pancreatic islets. It stimulates hunger.
inhibin a glycoprotein hormone that helps to regulate FSH levels in women.
Diabetes Insipidus Metabolic disorder characterized by excessive urination and excessive thirst because of a decrease in the kidney’s retention of water
Adult Stem Cells cells that have the ability to maintain a constant population of newly differentiating cells of a specific type
heparin a natural constituent of blood that acts as an antithrombin
fibrinolysis the process of dissolving clots
allostatic overload the physical or mental health problems such as hypertension, depression, and metabolic syndrome--that result with long-term exposure to stress
fetal programming relationship between stressful events during fetal development and the appearance of specific anatomical, physiological, or disease states that occur later in life
esophageal hiatus an opening in the diaphragm located near the junction between the terminal portion of the esophagus and the stomach
fundus, body, and pylorus the major divisions of the stomach
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