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Human Anatomy

Week 6-12

Muscles that move the upper arm originate on the: clavicle and scapula.
The origin of a muscle is on the femur, and the insertion is on the tibia. When it contracts, it bends the knee. Which of the following is true? The knee is acting as a fulcrum.
Another name for a skeletal muscle cell is a(n): muscle fiber.
The muscle that extends and adducts the arm is the: latissimus dorsi.
In the human nervous system: there are almost equal numbers of glia cells and neurons.
The afferent pathways of the autonomic nervous system: carry feedback information to integrating centers in the brain.
The autonomic nervous system includes only efferent neurons. False
The brain has _____ major divisions. six
Which plexus contains nerves that innervate the lower part of the shoulder and the entire arm? Brachial
Which of the following is not true of the lateral corticospinal tract fibers? Most inhibit the lower motor neuron.
Endolymph is made in the stria vascularis.
Fluid filling the posterior segment of the eye. vitreous humor
The _____ is(are) supplied with blood from the left subclavian artery. head and upper extremities
The ingestion and destruction of microorganisms or other small particles is called phagocytosis.
The body’s defense mechanisms can be organized into one of two major categories of immune mechanisms; these are innate and adaptive immunity.
The functions of the lymph nodes are defense and hematopoiesis.
In the right lung, the superior and middle lobes are separated by the: horizontal fissure.
The anatomical division of the pharynx that is located behind the mouth from the soft palate above to the level of the hyoid bone below is called the: oropharynx.
Olfactory epithelium is found: covering the superior turbinate.
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