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Nervous System

Structures and functions of the brain and nervous system

What are the two locational systems within the nervous system? Central Nervous System Peripheral Nervous System
What is the purpose of the central nervous system, and what structures does it contain? Contains the brain and spinal cord. 1)The strutural and functional center of nervous system. 2) Integration of sensory information, evaluates it and initiates outgoing response.
What strucutrs make up the peripheral nervous system? Any nerves that lie in the outer regions of the nervous system.
What are the two divisions of the nervous system? 1)Afferent Division 2)Efferent division
What are the systems of the nervous system that are defined by the organs they contain? 1) Somatic 2)Autonomic 3)Viseral (sensory)
What is the function of the somatic nervous system? Carries information to somatic effectors in skeletal muscles.
What is the function and divisions of the autonomic nervous system? 1) Sympathetic: "flight or fight" 2)Parasympathetic: "rest and relax"
What is the function of the visceral nervous system? Has enteric centers in abdominal wall that regulates digestive function.
What are the types of central glia and what are their functions? 1)astrocytes: transfer nutrients from blood to nuerons. 2)Microglia: Carry on phagocytosis in brain tissue.3)Ependymal cells: Reassemble epithelial cells in fluid filled cavities of CNS. 4)Ogliodendrocytes: hold nerve fibers together and create
What are the peripheral glia and what is their function? 1)Schwann cells: form myeline sheaths and support nerve fibers. 2)Satellite cells: cover and support cell bodies in the PNS.
What are neurons? Neurons are excitable cells that initiate and conduct impulses that perform all nervous system functions.
What are the structural classifications of neurons? Multipolar, bipolar, unipolar
What are the functional classifications of neurons? Afferent/Sensory, Efferent/Motor
What are the three meninges in the brain? 1)Dura mater 2)Arachnoid mater 3)Pia mater
What is the function of cerbrospinal fluid? Provides support and cushion and serves as a reservoir for circulating fluid.
What three structures make up the brainstem? Medulla oblongata, pons, and midbrain.
What are the functions of the brainstem? Performs snsory, motor and reflex functions.
What are the functions of the cerebellum? 1)Acts a cerebral cortex to produce coordinated skeletal movements. 2)Control muscles used for balance. 3)Controls posture. 4)Processes sensory information.
What structures make up the diencephalon? Thalamus, hypothalamus, optic chiasma, and pineal gland.
What are the structures of the cerebrum? Cerebral cortex, gyri, sulci, fissures.
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