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Chapter 3 - Bell

Ch. 3: Integumentary System—Dermatology - Bell

apid/o Fat
Lip/o Fat
Steat/o Fat
Cutane/o Skin
Derm/o Skin
Dermat/o Skin
Pil/o Hair
Trich/o Hair
Hidr/o Sweat
Onych/o Nail
Ungu/o Nail
Squam/o Scale
Seb/o Oil
Sebace/o Oil
Ichthyo- Scaly
Kerato- Hard
Pachyo- Thick
Xero- Dry
Rhytido- Wrinkle
Leuko- White
Erythro- Red
Xantho- Yellow
Melano- Black
Comedo A hair follicle that is plugged with sebum (white head, black head)
Macerate To soften the skin
Urticaria Swollen raised itchy areas of the skin
Dermatalgia Skin pain
Dermatodynia Skin pain
Dermatolysis Loose skin
Hemathidrosis Sweating blood
Localized Stays in a certain part of the body
Generalized All over the body (or most of it)
Centrifugal Rashes that start in the middle and work their way outward
Centripetal Rashes that spread from the outside inward
Papules Bumps that are <1 cm Small solid mass
Nodules Bumps that are >1 cm A solid mass that extends deeper into the skin
Plaques Large, flat bumps A solid mass on the surface of the skin
Macula Small, flat discolored area
Vesticles are < 1 cm and filled with clear fluid Small blister
Bulla are >1 cm and filled with clear fluid Large blister
Pustules Blister filled with pus
Abscesses A localized collection of pus in the body
Macules Small flat discolored areas of skin; freckles
Patches Large, flat discolored area Vitiligo
Cherry Angioma Raised collection of blood vessels A small blood vessel tumor
Telangiectasia (Spider angioma) Flat collection of blood vessels Blood vessel expansion
Petechiae Small bruise
Ecchymosis Large bruise
Cicatrix Scar
Keloid Overgrowth of scar tissue
Nevus Mole
Dysplastic nevus A mole with bad changes, formations (often precancerous)
Verucca Wart
ABCDE Asymmetry, border, color, diameter, evolving
AK Actinic keratosis - a horny skin condition caused by sun exposure
BCC Basal cell carcinoma - cancerous tumor of basal skin cells
Bx Biopsy - removal of tissue in order to examine it (with your own two eyes)
C&S Culture and sensitivity - growing microorganisms in isolation in order to determine which drugs it might respond to
decub Decubitus ulcer - bed sores
derm Dermatology
EAHF Eczema, asthma, hay fever
FS Frozen section
ID Intradermal - pertaining to inside the skin
SC Subcutaneous
SCC Squamous cell carcinoma - cancerous tumor of squamous skin cells
SQ Subcutaneous
subcut Subcutaneous
TD Transdermal
XP Xeroderma pigmentosa - a genetic disorder in which there is a decreased ability to repair DNA damage such as that caused by ultraviolet (UV) light
Created by: akibel6854
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