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Anatomy Stack 2

Muscles that contract at the same time as the prime mover are called: synergists.
The sternocleidomastoid muscle is an example of a muscle named for its: function.
A muscle is attached to the femur and tibia. Its function or action is to bend the knee. When it contracts, it is acting as the: synergists.
The afferent pathways of the autonomic nervous system: carry feedback information to integrating centers in the brain.
Interneurons reside in the: CNS only.
Multipolar neurons have: multiple dendrites and one axon.
Which is true of a reflex arc? It always consists of an afferent neuron and an efferent neuron.
A neuron that transmits a nerve impulse toward the central nervous system is called a(n): sensory neuron.
Which is not true about sympathetic postganglionic neurons? They produce acetylcholine.
There are _____ ventricles in the brain. four
The brain has _____ major divisions. six
All cell bodies of the autonomic nervous system are located within the CNS. True or False False
The autonomic nervous system includes only efferent neurons. True or False False
Endolymph is made in the stria vascularis.
Fluid filling the posterior segment of the eye. vitreous humor
The hormone produced by the heart increases the excretion of sodium in the urine.
The _____ drains much of the superficial leg and foot. great saphenous vein
During pregnancy, what happens to the oxygenated blood returned from the placenta via the umbilical vein? It flows into the inferior vena cava.
Which division of the autonomic nervous system sends fibers to the heart? sympathetic and parasympathetic
The heart valves that are located where the trunk of the pulmonary artery joins the right ventricle and where the aorta joins the left ventricle are called semilunar valves.
The presentation of an antigen by an antigen-presenting cell activates the T cell. The cell then divides repeatedly to form a clone of identical sensitized T cells that form effector T cells and memory cells.



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