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Midterm Q/A Review

Nonsteroid hormones include peptides, proteins, glycoproteins, and amines T/F TRUE
Maxwell has a very high metabolic rate, is skinny, and has protruding eyes. These are symptoms of hyperthyroidism
A hormone is a secreted molecule that is carried in the bloodstream to where it acts on target cells that bear specific receptors for that hormone. T/F True
Choose the example that does not demonstrate a negative feedback loop of hormonal control. "Labor"
A female patient is experiencing a hormonal imbalance that is causing her to skip menstrual periods due to low estrogen and miss ovulation. Which of the following is most likely the imbalanced hormone? Adrenocorticotropic hormone
A hormone is a __________ and the target cell is __________. molecule that has a metabolic effect on another cell; a cell that has receptors for specific hormones
Simple goiter is most prevalent where the soil lacks iodine
The hormone that stimulates calcium deposition into bone is calcintonin
Steroid hormones diffuse through cell membranes, then bind with receptors, whereas nonsteroid hormones bind receptors on the target cell membrane. true
A sweat gland is an example of a(n) __________ gland. exocrine
The secretion of parathyroid hormone is controlled primarily by the concentration of blood calcium
The __________ secretes triiodothyronine. thyroid gland
The hormone that the pineal gland secretes is melatonin
The thymus gland secretes hormones called __________ that __________. thymosins; control production and differentiation of white blood cells
Steroid hormones are soluble in lipids.
The sex hormones from the adrenal cortex are primarily androgens. T/F True
The target cells of releasing hormones are in the anterior pituitary gland. T/F True
Secretion of insulin causes a decrease in the concentration of blood glucose
Oxytocin stimulates the kidneys to conserve water. T/F False
As a result of the general stress response, blood concentrations of epinephrine and _____ rise and cortisol rise.
The thymus enlarges after puberty. T/F False
Glands under armpit pic axillary lymph nodes
Activation of what group of proteins in the plasma leads to inflammation, attraction of phagocytes, and enhancement of phagocytosis? complement
Absence or blockage of lymph vessels in a body region leads directly to what condition? Edema
Lymph differs from plasma in that plasma has more protein than lymph.
Lymphatic pathways begin at the lymphatic capillaries which empty into lymphatic vessels. From there, fluid flows through lymphatic __________ into lymphatic __________, eventually emptying into veins in the thorax. trunks; ducts
When T or B cells are activated, they proliferate, forming a group of genetically identical cells descending from the original activated cell. What is the name of this group of identical cells? clone
What is not true of the spleen? The spaces in the lobes of the spleen are filled with lymph.
What is the name of the fluid contained within vessels of the lymphatic system? Lymph
What term refers to any molecule that elicits an immune response? Antigen
Memory T and B cells function in what type of response? Secondary
The region of a lymph node through which blood vessels and nerves pass is called the hilum
What type of immunity will result from receiving a vaccination? Artificially acquired active immunity
In order to be fully activated, most __________ cells require interaction with __________ cells. B/T
Allograft same species
Isograft Identical twin
Xenograft different species
Autograft from self
yellow gland by sternum remnant of thymus
The two collecting ducts that drain the lymphatic trunks are the thoracic duct and right lymphatic duct.
Lymph eventually is returned to the circulation at what blood vessels? Right and left subclavian veins
What class of immunoglobulin is involved in immediate-reaction allergic reactions? IgE
What is the first component(s) of the immune system to decline with age? Thymus
Muscle contraction moves lymph through lymphatic vessels. T/F True
What term is used for disorders resulting from the immune system attacking "self" cells? Autoimmune
The thymus is in the mediastinum behind the sternum. T/F True
Older red blood cells may be destroyed in the spleen. T/F True
The structure of a lymphatic vessel is most similar to that of a(n) vein
Blood Type O RBC antigens: neither A nor B antigens * Plasma antibodies: Both anti-A and anti-B antibodies
Blood Type A RBC antigens: Only A antigen * Plasma antibodies: only B antibodies
Blood Type B RBC antigens: Only B antigen * Plasma antibodies: only A antibodies
Blood Type AB RBC antigens: Both A & B antigens * Plasma antibodies: neither A or B antibodies
The biconcave cells in blood that lack nuclei when they are mature are the Red blood cells
Cyanosis is caused by an increased blood concentration of deoxyhemoglobin.
Erythroblastosis fetalis may occur in a second Rh-positive fetus developing in an Rh-negative woman.
What is the typical life span of a red blood cell? 120 days
A blood clot that forms abnormally in a blood vessel is a(n) thrombus
Persons with type AB blood are sometimes called universal donors. T/F False
headaches, bruise easily and nose bleeds? leukemia
Abnormal hemoglobin; causes hemoglobin to crystallize in low oxygen conditions. sickle cell
Low platelet count; results in decreased blood clotting and bruising Thrombocytopenia
What is a result of reduced red blood cell count and/or reduced hemoglobin content of the blood? Multiple Diminished oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood
Define hemostasis. Process that stops bleeding
A person with type AB blood can successfully receive blood from all blood types
The percentage of red blood cells in a sample of human blood is normally about 45%
Universal precautions are specific measures that health-care workers should take to prevent transmission of bloodborne pathogens in the workplace.
Platelets are best described as cytoplasmic fragments of cells.
Which of the following elements is included in hemoglobin molecules? Iron
Which of the following usually accounts for the smallest percentage of leukocytes in a blood sample? Basophils
What component of blood accounts for the largest proportion of the blood volume? Plasma
What is the name of the condition in which there is a deficiency in red blood cells or in the amount of hemoglobin? Anemia
An excessive number of white blood cells is classified as leukocytosis
A deficiency in white blood cells is classified as leukopenia
Persons with __________ blood have neither antigen A nor antigen B on their red blood cells but have antibody anti-A and antibody anti-B in their plasma. Type O
The basic event in the formation of a blood clot is the change of fibrinogen to fibrin
While looking at a sample of blood in a microscope, you see a purple-stained cell that is markedly larger than a red blood cell (about two to three times larger). It has a large kidney-shaped nucleus. What type of blood cell is this? monocyte
What is a mass of cells that act as a unit in the heart called? Functional syncytium
When the first heart sound is heard, what is occuring with the heart valves? The AV valves are closing.
If it was taking longer for an electrical impulse to get through the AV node, what would the ECG look like? Time between the P wave and QRS complex would be lengthened. Correct
The left ventricle pushes blood into what vessel(s)? aorta
A cold, pale foot could be a sign of a blockage of blood flow in the __________ artery. popliteal
When the ventricular walls contract, the mitral and tricuspid valves close.
What formula best describes the relationship of the factors that determine blood pressure? Blood Pressure = Cardiac Output x Peripheral Resistance
When the atria contract during a cardiac cycle, the ventricles are __________. When the ventricles contract, the atria are __________. relaxing/relaxing
Circulation is vital because it supplies oxygen and nutrients to and removes wastes from tissues.
The right atrium receives blood directly from the superior vena cava, inferior vena cava, and coronary sinus.
What structure is also known as the pacemaker of the heart? SA node
Mr. Smith is admitted to the cardiac unit with a diagnosis of endocarditis. When he asks the nurse where the infection is located, the nurse replies that the infection is in __________. the inner lining of the heart
If all nerves from the central nervous system to the heart were severed, the heart would stop beating. T/F False
A myocardial infarction of the right ventricle could be caused by a blockage in the __________. posterior interventricular artery
The correct sequence of parts that carry cardiac impulses is SA node, AV node, AV bundle, Purkinje fibers.
The inner lining of the heart is the endocardium
What is the function of chordae tendineae? Prevent the cusps of the AV valves from moving up into the atria
Swelling of the hand could be caused by a thrombosis (blood clot) in the __________ vein. brachial
A rise in blood pressure detected by baroreceptors would result in a(n) __________ in heart rate due to __________ stimulation. decrease; parasympathetic
What wave in an ECG tracing depicts ventricular repolarization? T wave
What valve is located between the right atrium and right ventricle? Tricuspid
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