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Anatomy & Physiology

Irregular heart rhythms sometimes occur in the tissues and are known as arrhythmia
Unusual heart sounds, such as those emitted by poorly functioning valves, are called murmers
The projections that extend from the Fallopian tube into the pelvic cavity are fimbriae
The vulva is an alternate term for the external genitalia
Those substances capable of stimulating the immune system are called antigens
The double sac membrane that cover the heart is the pericardium
The outer wall of the eye consists of the cornea and the sclera
A horizontal plane dividing the body into superior and inferior parts is called a transverse plane
Blood returns to the heart from the lungs by means of the pulmonary veins
The nerve that carries impulses from the eye to the brain is the optical nerve
The receiving chambers of the heart are called the atria
The large hole in the occipital bone through which the spinal cord passes is called the foramen magnum
Twisting the head from side to side is the joint movement called rotation
All of the bones of the skull, vertebral column, and the rib cage are considered together as the axial skkeleton
The root, shaft and glans are three portions of the penis
The sense of smell is called the olfactory sense
Dilated veins cause a condition known as varicose veins
A short wormlike extension of tissue where the small and large intestines meet is called the appendix
The jellylike substance that fills the vitreous chamber of the eye is called vitreous humor
Arterial blood entering the kidney flows through the renal artery
A blockage found in the heart muscle formed by dead cells is a myocardial infarction
Turning the hand palm upward demonstrates the movement supination
Toward the front of the body on the belly side is called either anterior, ventral
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