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N A Eye Drops

Nursing Arts Pg. 758

Why would you irrigate the eye? 1 - Relieve inflammation 2 - remove drainage 3 - dilute chemicals 4 - wash away foreign bodies
Do you use sterile or non sterile equipment and technique for eye irrigation? Sterile
Why do you rinse your non sterile gloves or use powder-free gloves to apply eye drops? Powder may irritate the patients eyes
What position would you place the patient? Setting or supine
Which way would you ask the patient to tilt their head and look? Backward and up
What is step one for applying medication? Hold eye lid up & pull lower conjunctival sac downward. (Skin under eye)
What is step two for applying medication? Insert prescribed # of drops or amount of ointment.
What is the technique for applying drops? Apply drops to center of the lower conjunctival sac; hold dropper parallel to eye & 1/2 inch above eye sac
What is the technique for applying ointment? Squeeze a thin ribbon along lower conjunctival sac from inner to outer canthus. (Do not touch eye with applicator)
Why do you place medication in the conjunctival sac instead of the eyeball? To prevent injury to the cornea
What do you ask the patient to do once medication has been applied? Gently close the eye & rotate the eyeball
After medication has been applied, what is the next step for the MA? Dry excess drainage from inner & outer canthus & explain to pt that medication may temporarily blur vision
What is included for documention on the patients chart? Date, time, name of med, strength of med, the amount of the dose administered, which eye was treated, teaching instructions given if treatment is to continue at home, any observations, your name
Created by: spawmary