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3F351 CDC

Volume 3

What work measurement method is used primarily to measure operations that are repetitive, of short duration, and done at one workstation? Time study
You would consider using the time study work measurement method to evaluate a work center that is what? Highly standardized
The work sampling measurement method is most effective when work centers have all of the following except what? Narrow job responsibilities
You would consider using the work sampling measurement method to measure a work center that has what? Many workers in a small area
What work measurement method has limited application in a wartime environment? Work sampling
What is the minimum number of usable days for the sampling period you are required to have? 15
The economic desirability of work sampling is enhanced by what? Increasing the number of people being sampled
What work measurement method do you use to supplement level 1 work sampling when there is work that does not occur in the sampling period? Operational audit
The rated aircrew inventory includes all of the following except? Air battle managers
The total number of officer and enlisted members required to operate an aircraft is identified as what? Composition
The aircrew ratio for each primary mission aircraft inventory is based on the aircrew what? Complement
What agency is responsible for approving and maintaining the AF Form 480 Aircrew AFSC/Active Flying Justification? HAF/Directorate of Operations operational training division
One responsibility of the HAF/Directorate of Operations is to what Ensure compliance of aircrew qualification programs
What activity is the responsibility of each MAJCOM with an operational flying unit? Submitting changes to existing composition and ratios
TSGT Harper is preparing for the annual review of all aircrew positions. What level would she work? MAJCOM
in the FEE process, what manpower requirements method computes the entire amount of the total manpower requirement Zero Based
What factors are used to apply FEE like WLF in workcenter manpower standards? Program estimating
What type of mathematical equation is used when developing a FEE for a MAJCOM functional area? Linear equation
To develop a FEE using regression analysis, you need the total manpower requirements and what? Program estimating factor data
One requirement of an AFMS is what? It must quantify the minimum manpower required
What portion of the manpower standard contains a series of broad statements that define the mission support capabilities? Responsibility statement
Information regarding substituting grades and AFSC in a manpower standard are found where? Application instructions
What part of the AFMS describes significant initiatives incorporated into the standard? Statement of conditions
What do you divide the man hour requirements by to determine the manpower requirements? Man hour availability
An overload factor is applied against what workweeks? Aircraft maintenance
A MET calculated 162 monthly man hours of new work at a sheet metal shop. The shop performs a 40hr wrk/wk and the additional 7.7 percent is applied. How many additional personnel are needed? 1
After you receive implementation instructions, how many days do you have to input a AFMS into MPES? 90 Days
Unless a significant mission or workload change has occurred, the manpower standards are reapplied how often? Every 2 years
What positions must be addressed before foreign national positions can be calculated? Military essential
What positions are calculated after foreign national positions? USDH
Increased manpower costs resulting from the implementation of an AFMS are funded by who? Reallocation of resources between the involved commands
Support between DOD components is established through what type of support agreement? Interservice support
Support between MAJCOMs within the AF is established through what support agreement? Intraservice support
The statement; "During the growing season, all receivers' open areas will be mowed twice a month." is an example of what type of support agreement? Standard
What are support agreements tasks needed, included in? Detailed description of work
Support agreement negotiations benefit the DOD how? Dollar and material savings
Managers are all DOD operating levels use the interservice support program when? Duplication is identified
When there is concurrent use of host facilities and equipment by the host and tenant, the method of support is what? Joint use
What method of support is the AF's preferred method? Functional consolidation
What type of support agreement is applicable when there is a physical separation of activities or a mobility requirement dictates its use? Functional duplication
A MOU is used when in reference to support agreements? Document the exchange of services or resources
In lieu of the DOD Form 1144 Support agreement, what can be used to document financial and support arrangements with US nonGOV? MOA or MOU
Who is tasked to provide specific provisions, identify direct reimbursable costs, and provide manpower figures for a support agreement? Supplier support agreement manager
When administering a support agreement, what does guidance instruct the supplier support agreement manager to do? Compile the approved specific provisions, manpower, and funding responsibilities into a final agreement
Who identifies opportunities of support, assesses min inputs of proposed support, and commits resources to accomplish? Support agreement manager
The manpower annex in the support agreement contains what? Breakout of fractional manpower by each category of support requested
What is the most commonly used way to determine the manpower impact in a support agreement annex? Apply the applicable AFMS
What type of information is recommended to be included in a support agreement annex? Supplier and reciever
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