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Hematology Test

Blood System Test

What is another term for packed cell volume? Hematocrit
Should the counter have any vibrations when performing a sed rate test? No
Erythrocyte indices will help in the diagnosis of anemia classifications? Yes
Normal value for a platelet count is? 140,000 to 400,000 per microliter
Is a lymphocyte considered a granulocyte? No
What is a major safety issue when using the micro hematocrit method? Glass fragility
What is the major difference in the method of determining red and white blood counts? The amount of blood you use
What is the normal hematocrit value for the adult male? 40 - 45%
What is the normal range hematocrit for an adult female? 36 - 46%
Define hematology The study of blood cells and coagulation
What are the 2 types of hematological testing samples? Platelet count and PT
What is Complete Blood Count Testing? Testing and interpitation performed by a MT
Define Hemoglobin Is the major component of RBCs
Define Anemia Decrease in iron
Define Hematocrit Measures the RBC volume to the whole blood
Define White Blood Cells (WBC) Travel to destroy pathogens
Define Red Blood Cells (RBC) Biconave in shape
What method is used when performing a ESR Test (Sed Rate) Wintrobe Method
How long does the ESR test take to get the results? 60 minutes
What is the method of monitoring coagulation time (the amount of time it takes for blood to clot)? Protime (also known as Prothrombin time)
What is the device used to measure hemoglobin? Hemocue
What are the 2 main components of blood? Plasma and Cells
The study of hematology is usually limited to the cellular components of the blood and does not include what? The chemistry of the blood
What is the medical term for the formation of blood cells? Hematopoiesis
At birth most of the bone marrow in the body is capable of producing what? Blood cells
By what age does the ribs, vertebrae, sternum and iliac crest bone marrow only produce blood cells? 20
The bone marrow that is producing cells is known as? Red marrow
Which bone marrow stores fat? Yellow marrow
What two places in an adult do you collect bone marrow samples from? Sternum and iliac crest
What are the first and second most common test performed in the provider's office? 1.) Urinalysis 2.) Hematologic
What is the most common laboratory test ordered on blood in the provider's office? CBC (complete blood count)
What considers that manual blood cell counting and automated test are not within the MA's scope of practice? CLIA (Clinical Laboratory Improvement Act
Where are the test results recorded? In the progress notes section and also a lab report is filed in the lab section
What allows test results to be recorded in the patient's medical records as well as documentation of quality controls performed prior to patient test results? TPMS (Total practice management system)
What is the abbreviations for hemoglobin and hematocrit? Hgb and Hct
What is the most frequent hemoglobin disease seen in the doctors office? Anemia
What is the normal range for hemoglobin in the adult female? 12 - 16 g/dl
What is the normal range for hemoglobin in the adult male? 13 - 18 g/dl
What is the normal range for the Wintrobe Method of ESR in the adult female? 0 - 20 mm/hr
What is the normal range for the Wintrobe Method of ESR in the adult male? 0 - 9 mm/hr
Do white blood cells stay within the blood vessels like RBC do? No
What is another blood test for inflammation other than the ESR? C-reactive or CRP
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