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Food Sanitation

A study of terms and temperatures one must know in (culinary) sanitation

What temperature should fruits, veggies, and other ready to eat foods be? 135 degrees F.
At what temperature do steaks/chops/roasts, fish, and eggs to be served immediately need to be? 145 degrees F.
What temperature does ground meat, ground fish, or eggs that are being held need to be? 155 degrees F.
What temperature do poultry, stuffing,and foods containing potentially hazardous foods need to be at? 165 degrees F.
What temperature do coffees and hot drinks need to be at? 175 degrees F.
What are the three types of food hazards? chemical, biological, and physical contaminants
What three of the five top reasons that food can become unsafe? 1)Holding at the incorrect temperature2)Poor personal hygiene3)Purchasing food from an unsafe supplier
CDC is short for what? Center for Disease Control
Where is the Center for Disease Control located? Atlanta, GA
What is a cross-connection? A connection that crosses safe water with unsafe water
How long can hot food sit out without temperature control? 4 hours maximum.
How long can cold food sit out without temperature control? 6 hours max.
What is the maximum temperature cold food can sit at during the 6 hour holding? 70 degrees F.
What is the maximum clearance for a table top? 4"
What is the maximum clearance for a shelf from the floor? 6"
How large should the space be from the spicket to the top of the sink? 4"
How do you determine space you need between the faucet and the flood rim of the sink? double it
The American(s with) Dissabilities Act acts on what level? Federal
Synonym for safe water? potable water
What are three sources of safe or potable water? 1)Water truck2)tap3)bottled water
Characteristics to look for when recieving fresh poultry? *No smell*good color, not grey or blueish*internal temperature is not above 41 degrees.
Should you accept or reject poultry if the wing tips are red? Accept it!
What is the greatest threat to food safety? Microorganisms
What are two types of viruses? HepatitusNorovirus
What is the substance discovered by swedish scientists that attacks the nervous system and produces a human carcenagen? accrylamide
What is the bacterium associated with raw cheese and unpasteurized milk? listeria
What type of contaminent is a toxin from a plant? biological
What is the smallest microbial contaminent? a virus
Where do viruses reproduce? inside of a living cell, they need a host
What is the synonym for food irradiation? cold pasteurization
What outbreak are oysters commonly associated with? vibrio
How many minutes does it take for bacteria to double? 20 minutes
Cooking will destroy toxins in foods, such as mushrooms, true or false? FALSE!
What type of fish is very toxic and is only prepared by the most well trained chefs? Puffer fish
An allergy is the bodies negative reaction to a what? protien
What is one disease that is transmitted through food? Hepatitus A
Shell eggs cooked to order should be what temperature? 145 degrees F.
Created by: DeckerH