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Phase 1 Block 8

Aircraft Handling Fundamentals

How can we combat complacency in day to day operations in the aviation community? Training and constant attention to danger areas.
What is one often overlooked aspect of aircraft handling? The use of support equipment (SE) when servicing, testing and troubleshooting aircraft systems.
What are some important things to remember when using SE around aircraft ? Vehicles should never pass under any part of a parked aircraft, and all vehicles should be driven or parked adjacent to aircraft to avoid collision.
If the engine is left running on SE what should be done? The vehicle or equipment should be manned at all times.
What are the danger areas of aviation? Intakes, exhaust, flight controls, compressed gasses, cryogenics, explosives, hazardous materials, eye, hearing and other industrial environmental dangers.
What re the procedures to grounding an aircraft? First hook up grounding strap to a certified static ground and then to the aircraft grounding receptacle.
What does aircraft static grounding do? Discharges the static electricity harmlessly to the earth or deck.
Why is windshield static grounding necessary? Because during flight the windshield can accumulate up to 100,000 volts
How do you remove static discharge from the windshield of an aircraft? By using a static discharge kit ( Happy Hand).
How many chains are used for initial tie down? A minimum of 6 chains.
What wind speeds determine Initial tie-down? Up to 45 knots.
How many chains are used for Normal weather? 9 chains.
What wind speeds determine Normal weather? Up to 45 knots.
How may chains are used for Moderate weather tie down? 14 chains.
What wind speeds determine Moderate weather? 46 to 60 knots.
How many chains are used for Heavy weather tie down? 20 chains.
What wind speeds determine Heavy weather? Above 60 knots.
Aircraft critical walkways that cannot be walked on are identified by what? NO STEP markings.
What is the reason for the step restriction? Use of fragile materials in those areas.
What can you use if maintenance needs to be done in no step areas? Maintenance stand.
When do we use aircraft hand signals? High tempo high noise environments.
What is an important thing to do when giving hand signals? Keep hands well separated, exaggerate hand signals so as not to be misinterpreted.
When it comes to fixed wing aircraft, what is the mandatory signal to know regardless of aircraft type? Emergency Stop.
For rotary wing aircraft , what hand signals are mandatory signal to know regardless of aircraft type? Why? Wave off, and Hold. They are critical to the safety of aircraft, aircrew, and ground personnel.
When towing an aircraft, speed shall not exceed how many mph? 5 mph or the speed of the slowest walker.
What should you do when towing in cold weather? Avoid excessive power and sudden movement of tow vehicle.
How many people does it take to move an aircraft and who are they? Six people; Move director, Brake rider, Chock walker, Safety observers and Tractor diver.
What are the responsibilities of the Move Director? Overall responsible for assembling the move crew, ensuring that they are qualified to perform their duty, pre move briefing, safe movement of aircraft with emphasis on safety.
What are the responsibilities of the Brake Rider? Conduct pre move inspection of brake system and ensures aircraft is mechanically sound and ready to move.
What are the responsibilities of the Chock Walker? Responsible for removing, carrying,and placing the wheel chock. This person escorts the aircraft and is always vigilant and ready to chock the aircraft.
What are the responsibilities of the Safety Observers? Primarily responsible for ensuring that that the aircraft is ready to be towed and that there is enough clearance for the aircraft. Positioned on the wing tips and tail of the aircraft.
What are the responsibilities of the Tractor Driver? Responsible for the safe and slow movement of the aircraft from hook up to the final parking spot.This person is directly responsible to the Move Director and must be fully qualified and licensed for the equipment.
During an emergency situation, such as a blown tire, brake failure, pilot is sick, or any other emergency,what should you do? You must arrest the aircraft and stop it in shortest distance possible, to minimize the chance of an accident or injury to aircrew and aircraft.
What are the safety hazard areas? Intakes, Exhaust(engine APU), Propellers, Rotor blades, and Hot Brakes.
What hazards are present for the intake? When jet is operating duct become a hazard to individuals working near them. Hazard to engine itself if objects are near the intake. The intake can develop enough suction to pull individuals and objects into the intake.
What hazards are present for the Exhaust (Engine and APU)? Two serious hazards; high temp and high velocity exhaust gasses coming from tail pipe.
What hazards are present for the Propellers? Personnel should not approach or depart the aircraft with propellers turning..
What hazards are present for Rotor Blades? Personnel should not approach or depart while rotors are being engaged or disengaged.
What hazards are present for Hot Breaks? Wheel may explode, always approach forward or aft of wheel, as an explosion will follow the line of the axle.
What is the purpose of the Wind Indicator? Provides a method for prompt issuance of wind directions and velocities to pilots.
What is the purpose of the Airfield rotating beacon? The rotating beacon is used to identify the airport's location during darkness and daylight hours. Rotates at a constant speed flashing at a rate of 12 to 15 flashes per minute.
What is the purpose of the Tower visual communications? Provides lights and switches that supplement other circuits and interphone system and serves to reduce the number of voice contacts between tower and radio controller.
What is the purpose of the Tactical Air Navigation (TACAN) System? Uses a bearing determining system to determine the distance and position of aircraft from TACAN station.
What is the purpose of the Instrument landing system (ILS)? Provides an approach path for the exact alignment and decent of an aircraft on final approach to the runway.
What is the purpose of VHF Omnidirectional Range (VOR)? Provides navigation and approach guidance to all types of aircraft.
What is the purpose of the Global Positioning System (GPS) ? Space based radio position and navigation system designed to provide highly accurate positioning of aircraft.
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