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Medical Terminology

Medical Terminology Suffixes

-algia pain
-centesis surgical puncture to remove fluid
-ectomy surgical excision, removal
-gram record, recording
-itis inflammation
-logy study of
-logist specialist in the study of
-megaly abnormal enlargement
-oma tumor
-osis condition
-pathy disease
-penia deficiency
-pexy surgical fixation
-plasty surgical repair
-pnea breathing
-rrhagia, -rrhage bleeding, abnormal excessive fluid discharge
-rrhaphy surgical suturing
-rrhea flow, discharge
-rrhexis rupture
-scope instrument for viewing
-scopy visual examination
-stenosis abnormal narrowing
-ostomy creation of an artificial opening
-otomy, -tomy cutting into, incision
-uria urine
-sclerosis abnormal hardening
-dynia pain
-graphy process of recording
-malacia abnormal softening
-necrosis tissue death
-stasis, -static control, maintenance of a constant level
-plasia formation, growth
-desis to bind, tie together
-lysis loosening, destruction, degeneration, setting free, separation
-poietic pertaining to formation
-iatrist specialist
-listhesis slippage
-cele hernia, tumor, swelling
-ia abnormal condition, disease, plural of -ium
-plegia paralysis, stroke
-ion action
-ceps head, point of origin
-asthenia weakness
-paresis partial paralysis
-cyte cell
-emia, -hemia blood condition
-lytic destroy or dissolve
-crasia a mixture or blending
-emia blood condition
-ules small ones
-globin protein
-ism condition
-derma skin
-clasis to break; surgical fracture
-plasm formative material of cells, formation, growth
-gen producing, causing
-phage cell that eats
-therapy treatment
-cocci spherical bacteria
-cide causing death
-static causing control
-genesis creation, forming, producing, origin, reproduction
-opsy view of
-edema swelling
-thorax chest, pleural cavity
-pharynx throat
-spasm sudden, involuntary muscle contraction
-ectasis stretching, dilation, enlargement
-ventilation breathing
-ation state or action
-ptysis spitting
-meter measure
-ive performs
-al pertaining to
-eal pertaining to
-emesis vomiting
-ic pertaining to
-lithiasis presence of stones
-ologist specialist
-pepsia digestion
-phagia eating, swallowing
-stomy, -ostomy surgical creation of a new opening
-plakia plaque
-tion process of
-occult hidden
-tripsy to crush
-stasis control
-ptosis droop, sag
-lith stone, calculus
-genic created by
-uresis urination
-alysis a study of the parts
-esthesia sensation, feeling
-tropic having an affinity for, turning toward
-ist specialist
-us singular noun ending
-phasia speech
-ous pertaining to
-lepsy seizure
-tic pertaining to
-phobia abnormal fear
-mania madness
-cusis hearing
-opia vision condition
-ar pertaining to
-metrist one who measures
-opsia, -opsis, -opsy vision, view of
-sis, -is abnormal condition
-metry to measure
-mileusis carving
-ory pertaining to
-trauma injury, wound
-is noun ending
-cytes cells
-ula small, little
-esis abnormal condition
-ary pertaining to
-phyma growth, tumor
-aria connected with
-oid resembling
-surgery operative procedure
-dipsia thirst
-crine to secrete
-tocin labor
-tropin stimulate
-in substance or chemical
-s noun ending
-gravida pregnant
-pause stopping
-para to give birth
-iferous bearing, carrying, producing
-arche beginning
-parous bearing, bringing forth, has borne one or more children
-salpinx fallopian tube
-ismus spasm, contraction
-pareunia sexual intercourse
-crit to separate
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