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Nerve plexus

Name and structureserved

Skin on posterolateral aspect of neck C2,(C3) Lesser Occcipital
Skin of ear, skin over parotid gland C2, C3 Greater Auricular
Skin on anterior and lateral aspect of neck C2, C3 Transverse Cutaneous
Skin of shoulder and anterior aspect of neck C3, C4 Supraclavicular
lesser occipital, Greater auricular, Transverse Cutaneous, Supraclavicular are what branches Cutaneous branches (superficial) of the Cervical plexus
Infrahyoid muscles of the neck (omohyoid, sternohyoid, &sternothyroid C1-C3 Ansa Cervicalis
Deep muscles of the neck (geniohyoid,& thyroid)portions of scalenes, levator scapulae, trapezius, & stercleidomastoid muscles C1-C5 segmental and other muscle branches
Diaphragm (sole motor nerve supply) C3-C5 Phrenic
Ansa cervicalis, Segmental, & Phrenic are what branches Deep Cervical plexus
Muscular branches: deltoi tere minorCutaneous branches: some skin of shoulder region Axillary Posterior cord C5,C6
Muscular-flexors of anterior armCutaneous-anteriolateral forearm Musculocutaneous Lateral cord C5-C7
Muscular-flexor group of anterior forearm; instrinsic muscles of lateral palm & digital branches to the figer Cutaneous-lateral 2/3 of hand; palm side of dorsum of fingers 2 & 3 Median two branches C8,T1 & C5-C7
Muscular-anterior forearm flexors; most instrinsic muscles of hand cutaneous medial third hand, anterior & posterior aspects
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