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Medical Terminology

eponym word formed by including the name of the person who discovered or invented what is being described
acronym word made up of the first letters of each of the words that make up a phrase
root word foundation or subject of the term.
prefix beginning of the term
suffix end of the term
Cutane/o, dermat/o, and derm/o skin
enter/o small intestine
hemat/o blood
path/o suffering or disease
-algia pain
-ic pertaining to
muscle my/o and muscul/o
Brady slow
tachy fast
Hyper over
hypo under
Cardi/o heart
Neur/o nerve
Hepat/o liver
Pneumon/o lung
Myc/o Fungus
Narrowing Sten/o
Morph/o Change
hydr/o Water
troph/o Nourishment, development
xen/o Foreign
arthr/o joint
necr/o death
py pus
ante-. Before
Few oligo-
a- and an not
e-, ec-, and ex out
En- and endo- in, inside
Circum- and peri- around
contra- against
poly- many
syn- with, together
anti against
trans across
nephr kidney
tomy incision
Study of logy
graph Instrument used to produce a record
emia Blood condition
Tumor oma
cranio skull
itis inflammation
dys bad
rrhea flow
Ichthy/o scaly
onych/o nail
Adip/o, lip/o fat
Seb/o oil
leuko white
xantho yellow
xero dry
pachy thick
erythro red
hidro sweat
poiesis formation
phag eat
dynia pain
Dermatodynia skin pain
Dermatolysis loose skin
lysis loose
Hypermelanosis excessive melanin in the skin
hyper over
cyan blue
rhyti wrinkle
rrhea discharge
megaly enlarged
tricho hair
Urticaria swollen, raised itchy areas of the skin
Albinism lack of pigment in skin that causes the patient to look white
onychectomy Removal of a nail
Dermatitis skin inflammation
onychopathy Nail disease
Onychomalacia softening of the nail
Tars/o ankle
Lumb/o loin, lower back
burs/o the small fluid-filled sac found near the body’s joints
Ankyl/o stiff, bent
carp wrist
cranio head, skull
cervico neck
brady slow
kinesia movement
cost rib
myo muscle
spasm involuntary contraction
grapho write
scler hardening
osis condition
poly many
dactyl finger
arthro joint
graph recording
centesis puncture
carp wrist
itis inflammation
lysis loss
osteo bone
trophy nourishment
dys bad
chondr cartilage
oma tumor
pathy disease
spondlyo vertebra
plasia structure
myo muscle
carcin cancer
cele hernia
ectomy removal
Paresis slight or partial paralysis
Esthesi/o feeling, sensation
Gnosi/o know
Myel/o spinal cord or bone marrow.
psych/o mind
schizo divide
phren mind
ambul walk
hypno sleep
tic pertaining to
gnosis knowledge
encephalo brain
neuro nerve
phas speech
ia condition
algia pain
syn with, together
phobia excessive fear
hydro water
cele hernia
a not
y condition
oma tumor
esthestic feeling, sensation
Created by: Kfoulkes
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