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LSN Culinary Found.

Lee's Summit North's Culinary Foundations Final

When should spills be cleaned? Immediately
Dishes should be washed and rinsed in this temp. water. Hot
Not washing (or improperly washing) hands, wearing soiled clothes, or cross contaminating are all ways to spread Food Bourne Illness
3 major areas in the kitchen: food preparation and storage, cooking and serving, and clean-up Work Centers
To make the kitchen as efficient as possible, place work centers in a certain shape. Work Triangle
A simple burn can be treated by applying a Cool water treatment
To stop a wound from bleeding it is best to Apply Pressure
A colander is used for Straining
Standard in all recips, this section of a recipe describes the amount of food the recipe will make Yield
Standard in recipes, this part of the recipe tells you what you need to buy List of Ingredients
Standard in recipes, this part of the recipe tells you exactly how to carry out making the recipe. Step by Step directions
To make sure your recipes are CONSISTANT and make a high quality product be sure to do this accurately Measure Ingredients
To measure dry ingredients accurately be sure to do this Level Off
This kitchen tool is used for leveling off dry ingredients. It is sometimes called a "metal spatula" Flat Edge Spatula
To measure liquid ingredients accurately be sure to measure at __________ Eye Level
The process of adding air to flour to make it lighter Sifting
To mix together shortening and sugar until light and fluffy Cream
To GENTLY incorporate together Fold
Food that has had nutrients added in amounts GREATER than what would naturally occur in the food Fortified
Adding nutrients to a food to replace what was lost through processing. Enriched
Grains and cereals provide this kind of vitamin B
This is provided by grains and cereals. It helps to keep your digestive system working well. Fiber
Grains and cereals provide this mineral that works with calcium to build bones and teeth. It also aids in storing and releasing energy. Phosphorus
___ tsp = 1 Tbsp 3
___ Tbsp = 1 cup 16
What principle of variety in meals is not being met- a meal with fried chicken, fried apples, hashbrowns, and a doughnut Prepared the same way
What principle of variety in meals is not being met- Milk, mozzarella stick, yogurt Same food category
Variety in meal planning prevents eaters from monotonous meals Boredom
Variety in meal planning meets artistic needs by creating __________ appeal Visual
Variety in meal planning will help to make sure you are planning a meal that provides for your Nutritional Needs
Breaking the skin of foods or plastic bags to allow steam to escape. Piercing
The time that the food continues to cook after it is removed from the microwave oven is called Standing time
These 2 factors affect cooking time in the microwave Shape and amount
Microwave cooking time will also be affected by the ________ and _______ content fat sugar
Foods will not do this in the microwave Brown
Because foods do not brown in the microwave, to make them more visually appealing you can serve with gravy or a colorful Sauce
Because even sweet foods do not brown in the microwave, to make them more visually appealing you can top them with _________ or __________ Streusel Frosting
Because even meats do not brown in the microwave, to make them more visually appealing you can add ___________ BBQ Sauce
Checking ot see if a dish is microwave safe can be done by putting in 1 cup of water and microwaving for 1 minute. If the dish is SAFE to use, after this time the water will be warm and the dish will be Cool
Adding a small amount of oil to water, stirring during cooking, and making sure water is boiling before adding pasta are all ways to prevent pasta from Sticking
Rice should be cooked with the lid On
Pasta should be cooked with the lid Off
Eggs should be purchased based on Grade and size
Grade is an indication of Quality
When making meringue, the sugar should be added gradually as soon as a ________ develops from the beaten egg whites. Foam
The bowl used when beating egg whites to make a meringue should be this temperature Room
The bowl used when beating egg whites to make a meringue should be made of _______ or _______ Metal or glass
Meringue should not be made in a bowl made of Plastic
This forms the structure of the bread Gluten
This ingredient adds sweetness to bread and works to activate yeast. Sugar
This ingredient forms the basis of all quick breads Flour
This piece of equipment is used to cut shortening into into dry ingredients Pastry Blender
To allow ingredients to combine faster (preventing over stirring) make a ____ in the dry ingredients Well
__________ _________ keeps fruits from oxidizing (turning brown from enzymatic browning) Lemon Juice
Before rolling out a dough you should lightly ____ the counter or pastry cloth to prevent sticking. Flour
Lightly dip a cookie cutter in __________ before cutting out a biscuit or cookie. Flour
1 large egg = ___ Tbsp liquid 4
Use this tool to divide the egg yolk from the egg white Egg Separator
One sign of a spoiled canned food is a ___ in the can Dent
When eggs set (or become thick) Coagulation
When a recipe calls for an agg it will typically want this size Large
Which nutrient has the most energy value/calories? (9 Kcal/g compared to 4) Fat
To fold and push dough lightly with the heel of the hand Knead
To make cookies that are evenly browned, be sure cookies are the same Size
For best results, cook cookies on a cookie sheet that is __________ and ________ Bright Shiny
When baking 2 or more sheets of cookies at the same time arrange the racks in _____, and allow space between cookie sheets. Thirds
To gently combine a delicate mixture (like beaten egg whites when you made waffles)with a solid material (flour) Fold In
2 saucepans made so that one may be inserted into the other. Double Boiler
Which mineral contributes to a healthy nervous system and prevents muscle cramps? Calcium
Unlike pasta, when making rice the water should be this temperature when you add the rice Cold
Milk will curdle with this is added Acid
Stewing is this type of cooking method of cooking meat Moist
Roasting is this type of cooking method of cooking meat Dry
Stir Frying is this type of cooking method of cooking meat Combination (Dry and Moist)
The most lean cuts of pork come from the Loin
Putting metal in the microwave is dangerous because is may cause the release of static electricity, also known as... Arching
A person who has double vision and difficulty speaking, swallowing, and breathing may have eaten food contaminated with this food borne illness Botulism
The darker the color green, the higher the _____________ content chlorophyll
The darker orange, the higher the __________ content Carotene
The nutrition label is given per ________ Serving
You can tell what ingredient a product has the most of because it is listed _________ on the list of ingredients First
When grocery shopping, buy frozen foods last to prevent them from Melting
You should never unplug an appliance by pulling on the Cord
In food safety, a general rule is to keep hot foods _____ and cold foods _________ Hot Cold
The preferred cooking method for vegetables since it helps retain the nutrient content Steaming
When you should wash berries to prevent them from molding. Just before using
Food that is frozen will take _________ to cook in the microwave than room temperature foods. Longer
The shape that cooks most evenly in the microwave Circle
To make a shopping list more efficient, try arranging the list by store ________ Aisles
After picking up large pieces of glass, use a _____ paper towel to pick up remaining slivers of broken glass. Damp
NEVER put this material in the microwave Metal
Test vegetables for "doneness" by using this to see if they are tender Fork
To heat a liquid just below boiling. Small bubbles will start to form and rise to the surface. Simmer
To bring food to a boil that can not be interrupted by stirring. Rapid/ Rolling Boil
When eating formally, use utensils/ silverware on your placesetting from the __________ __ Outside In
If you are not going to eat a quickbread soon, you should wrap it tightly and do this to it. Freeze
A mixture of fat and flour (often used to make gavies or sauces) Roux
A mixture of milk and flour (often used to make gravies or sauces) Slurry
To prevent starch from lumping when making gravy, flour or cornstarch should be _________ into meat drippings or some other melted fat Stirred
A disease caused by not getting enough calcium Osteoporosis
These products (like baking soda or powder) cause bread to rise Leavening Agents
Pork should be cooked to an internal temp of ____ degrees 145
The _____ in grains makes it a good thickening agent Protein
The process of separating and breaking up the fat in milk so it is equally distributed throughout the milk. Homogenization
The process of heating milk to kill bacteria. Pasteurization
Adding this to fruit helps the fruit to keep its shape when it is being cooked Sugar
Pasta should be prepared with plenty of water to allow the pasta plenty of Space
The entire grain Kernel
The part of the grain kernel that contains most of the vitamins, minerals, and fat Germ
The part of the grain you are eating when you eat white bread Endosperm
The(edible)outer protective covering of the kernel that is a good source of vitamins and fiber Bran
A grain product that uses all three parts of the kernel is considered Whole Grain
The temp. "danger zone", where bacteria is most likely to multiply is between _________ degrees 40-140
Never try to put out a grease fire with this Water
Food should never be left out longer than ___ hours 2
Wash your hands with hot soapy water for at least this long 20 seconds
Tunnels in a muffin indicate that is has been Overmixed
This method of making quickbreads involves combining dry ingredients in one bowl and wet in another. You then make a well and combine the two (stirring only until combined) Muffin
This method of making quickbreads is unique because you need to use a pastry blender to cut in the shortening. Biscuit
This method of making quickbreads starts with creaming the fat and sugar. Cookies are an example. Conventional
Which (baking soda or baking powder) has an acid already added to it Baking Powder
Which (baking soda or baking powder) requires that your recipe have an acid in it already? Baking Soda
It is important to cook milk slowly and at a low temperature to prevent this carmelization of the sugar in the milk. Scalding
The sugar in milk. Lactose
The liquid part of cheese Whey
The solid part of cheese Curd
A small knife used for removing the outer coverings of fruits or vegetables. Paring
Carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, minerals, and water are the major categories of Nutrients
A quick way to take a visual assesment of how healthy your meal is would be to look at it and see if there are at least 3 (natural) ___________ on the plate. Colors
Created by: Mrs. Brown LSN