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French Revolution AS

French Rev. 10-H

Georges Danton Appointed Minister of Justice who lead the Paris Commune
Jacobins A club for where political groups networked thoughout France and Girondins
Committee of Public Saftey It was created to meet the crises that were occurring in France after the death of Louis XVI. This Committe was made up of 12 people. This group was dominated at first by Dante then Robespierre
Robespierre Leader of the Committe of Public Saftey
Reign of Terror Executed enimes of the state. Guilloten and 40000 people were killed
Coup de'etat A sudden overthrow of the government. One occcured in 1799 and Napoleon took control
Elector Individuals who were qualified to vote
Faction Dissenting groups created by the decision on whether or not to overthrow the king
Marat Published a journal and was a new leader after the nation convention
Napoleon Bonaparte Brought the F.R to an end in 1799. Ruled from 1799-1815
Civil Code Nost important of Napoleon 7 codes
Geraine de Stael A writer who rebeled against Napoleon
Duke of Wellington Defeated Napoleon at Waterloo
Nationalism A strong sense of pride in ones country
Consulate This was the new government the emerged after the coup of 1799.
Estate Three social classes of France
Relics of Feudalism Privileges for aristocrats that still survived
Bourgeoisie The middle class
Sans-Culottes Patriots of the French Rev.
Louis XVI Ruled during 1774-1791. Spent France's money on war and luxuries. Married to Marie A.
Tennis Court Oath An oath signed on a tennis court
Olympe de Gouges Wrote plays and pamphlets. She refused to accept the exculsion of women from political rights
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