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History 10H AP

document written by Luthar critixizing the Catholic Church 95 Theses
between heaven and hell where the soul was held Purgatory
Calvin's doctrine holding that Godknows where the sould will be held predestination
first wife of Henry VII Catherine of Aragon
Powerful Austrian family which most holy Roman emperors were chosen Habsburg
practice by religious to punish those who oppose or critize the church excommunication
pardon from the church, was critized by Luthar Indulgence
acceptance into heaven salvation
organized social welfare programs and hospitals within Geneva Deacons
German mon challenged church; started Protestant Reformation Martin Luther
Wrote The Praise of Folly; sought to reform the Catholic Chruch and teach people how to live good lives Erasmus
religious conflict within Catholic church led to reform and rise of new religious groups reformation
Holy Roman emperor who condemned Luther and called him a heretic Charles V
meeting which the Catholic church drew up doctrines reforming the church Council of Trent
assembly which Luther and his ideas were on trial Diet of Worms
Calvin's city of God Geneva
ended religious warfare in Germany; Germans could choose between the Catholic Church and Lutheranism Peace of Augsburg
German printer used moveable type to print the Bible Gutenberg Printing Press
former followers of Luther Protestants
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