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SCI 220 Set 2

Weeks 6-12

Skeletal muscles constitute approximately ____ of our body weight 50%
The prime mover can also be called the: agonist
The sternocleidomastoid muscle is an example of a muscle named for its: point of attachments
Groups of skeletal muscle fibers are bound together by a connective tissue envelope called the: perimysium
The part of the nervous system that transmits impulses from the CNS to the skeletal muscle is the: somatic nervous system
The largest and most numerous types of neuroglia are the: astrocytes
Along a neuron, the correct pathway for impulse conduction is: dendrite, cell body, axon
The spinal nerves are connected to the spinal cord and consist of _____ pairs. 31
The brain has _____ major divisions. six
Pancreatic cell type that produces insulin. beat cells
Largest purely endocrine gland in the body. thyroid gland
_____ is used to determine the volume percentage of red blood cells in whole blood. Hematocrit
A graphic record of the heart’s electrical activity is a(n) ECG
The four structures that compose the conduction system of the heart are the SA node, AV node, AV bundle, and Purkinje fibers
The functions of the lymph nodes are defense and hematopoiesis.
The primary organ of the lymphatic system is the thymus
Adaptive immunity, part of the body’s third line of defense, is orchestrated by two different classes of a type of white blood cell called the lymphocyte
Because T cells attack pathogens more directly, T-cell immune mechanisms are classified as _____ immunity. cell-mediated
The presentation of an antigen by an antigen-presenting cell activates the T cell. effector T cells and memory cells
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