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blood sports bullbaiting and cockfighting, sports that remained popular with the masses
Carnival a time of reveling and excess in Catholic and Mediterranean Europe.
community controls a pattern of cooperation and common action which was mobilized by perceived threats to the economic, social and moral stability of the closely knit community.
extended family a family that is a big, three- or four-generation clan, headed by a patriarch or perhaps a matriarch, and encompassing everyone form the youngest infant to the oldest grandparent
illegitimacy explosion the result of a break down of late marriages and few births out of wedlock that began occurring in the second half of the 18th century.
infanticide the willful destruction of newborn children.
Jesuits the Society of Jesus, they were extraordinary teachers, missionaries, and agents of the pope.
just price the belief that prices should be “fair,” protecting both the consumers and the producers and imposed by government decree if necessary.
killing nurses the name given the nurses with whom no child ever survived. Methodists – the name given to a Protestant religious group started by John Wesley, so named because of their methodical devotion
Pietism the name for the Protestant revival that began in Germany; it stressed enthusiasm, the priesthood of all believers, and the practical power of Christian rebirth in everyday affairs.
purging the practice of giving strong laxatives to the rich as a method of maintaining good health and treating illness.
smallpox inoculation the practice of vaccinating people so that they do not come down the smallpox.
wet-nursing a widespread and flourishing business in the 18th century where women would suckle the children of middle- to upper-class women’s children for money.
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