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SAT Words 65

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tedious (adj.) dull, boring (As time passed and the history professor continued to drone on and on, the lecture became increasingly _____.)
temerity (n.) audacity, recklessness (Tom and Huck entered the scary cave armed with nothing but their own _____.)
temperance (n.) moderation in action or thought (Maintaining _____ will ensure that you are able to think rationally and objectively.)
tenable (adj.) able to be defended or maintained (The department heads tore down the arguments in other people’s theses, but Johari’s work proved to be quite _____.)
tenuous (adj.) having little substance or strength (Your argument is very _____, since it relies so much on speculation and hearsay.)
terrestrial (adj.) relating to the land (Elephants are _____ animals.)
timorous (adj.) timid, fearful (When dealing with the unknown, _____ Tallulah almost always broke into tears.)
tirade (n.) a long speech marked by harsh or biting language (Every time Jessica was late, her boyfriend went into a long _____ about punctuality.)
toady (n.) one who flatters in the hope of gaining favors (The other kids referred to the teacher’s pet as the Tenth Grade _____.)
tome (n.) a large book (In college, I used to carry around an anatomy book that was the heaviest _____ in my bag.)
torpid (adj.) lethargic, dormant, lacking motion (The _____ whale floated, wallowing in the water for hours.)
torrid (adj.) giving off intense heat, passionate (I didn’t want to witness the neighbor’s _____ affair through the window.)
tortuous (adj.) winding (The scary thing about driving in mountains are the narrow, _____ roads.)
tractable (adj.) easily controlled (The horse was so _____, Myra didn’t even need a bridle.)
tranquil (adj.) calm (There is a time of night when nothing moves and everything is _____.)
transgress (v.) to violate, go over a limit (The criminal’s actions _____d morality and human decency.)
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