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SAT Words 63

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soluble (adj.) able to dissolve (The plot of the spy film revolved around an untraceable and water-_____ poison.)
solvent 1. (n.) a substance that can dissolve other substances (Water is the universal _____ because almost all substances can dissolve into it.) 2. (adj.) able to pay debts (Upon receiving an check from her aunt, Annabelle found herself suddenly _____.)
somnolent (adj. )sleepy, drowsy (The _____ student kept falling asleep and waking up with a jerk.)
sophomoric (adj.) immature, uninformed (The mature senior rolled her eyes at the _____ gross-out humor of the underclassman.)
sovereign (adj.) having absolute authority in a certain realm (The _____ queen, with steely resolve, ordered that the traitorous nobleman be killed.)
speculative (adj.) not based in fact (Sadly, Tessa was convicted on merely _____ evidence.)
spurious (adj.) false but designed to seem plausible (Using a _____ argument, John convinced the others that he had won the board game on a technicality.)
stagnate (v.) to become or remain inactive, not develop, not flow (With no room for advancement, the waiter’s career _____d.)
staid (adj.) sedate, serious, self-restrained (The _____ butler never changed his expression no matter what happened.)
stingy (adj.) not generous, not inclined to spend or give (Scrooge’s _____ habits did not fit with the generous, giving spirit of Christmas.)
stoic (adj.) unaffected by passion or feeling (Penelope’s faithfulness to Odysseus required that she be _____ and put off her many suitors.)
stolid (adj.) expressing little sensibility, unemotional (Charles’s _____ reaction to his wife’s funeral differed from the passion he showed at the time of her death.)
strenuous (adj.) requiring tremendous energy or stamina (Running a marathon is quite a _____ task. So is watching an entire Star Trek marathon.)
strident (adj.) harsh, loud (A _____ man, Captain Von Trapp yelled at his daughter and made her cry.)
stupefy (v.) to astonish, make insensible (Veronica’s audacity and ungratefulness _____d her best friend, Heather.)
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