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SAT Words 61

of 1000

rife (adj.) abundant (Surprisingly, the famous novelist’s writing was _____ with spelling errors.)
ruminate (v.) to contemplate, reflect (Terry liked to _____ while sitting on the banks of the river, staring pensively into the water.)
ruse (n.) a trick (Oliver concocted an elaborate _____ for sneaking out of the house to meet his girlfriend while simultaneously giving his mother the impression that he was asleep in bed.)
saccharine (adj.) sickeningly sweet (Tom’s _____ manner, although intended to make him popular, actually repelled his classmates.)
sacrosanct (adj.) holy, something that should not be criticized (In the United States, the Constitution is often thought of as a _____ document.)
sagacity (n.) shrewdness, soundness of perspective (With remarkable _____, the wise old man predicted and thwarted his children’s plan to ship him off to a nursing home.)
salient (adj.) significant, conspicuous (One of the _____ differences between Alison and Nancy is that Alison is a foot taller.)
salutation (n.) a greeting (Andrew regularly began letters with the bizarre _____ “Ahoy ahoy.”)
salve (n.) a soothing balm (After Tony applied a _____ to his brilliant red sunburn, he soon felt a little better.)
sanctimonious (adj.) giving a hypocritical appearance of piety (The _____ Bertrand delivered stern lectures on the Ten Commandments to anyone who would listen, but thought nothing of stealing cars to make some cash on the side.)
sanguine (adj.) optimistic, cheery (Polly reacted to any bad news with a _____ smile and the chirpy cry, “When life hands you lemons, make lemonade!”)
satiate (v.) to satisfy excessively (_____d after eating far too much turkey and stuffing, Liza lay on the couch watching football and suffering from stomach pains.)
scathing (adj.) sharp, critical, hurtful (Two hours after breaking up with Russell, Suzanne thought of the perfect _____ retort to his accusations.)
Created by: RakRiv