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SAT Words 58

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reciprocate (v.) to give in return (When Steve gave Samantha a sweater for Christmas, she _____d by giving him a kiss.)
reclusive (adj.) solitary, shunning society (_____ authors such as J.D. Salinger do not relish media attention and sometimes even enjoy holing up in remote cabins in the woods.)
reconcile 1. (v.) to return to harmony (The feuding neighbors finally _____d when one brought the other a casserole.) 2. (v.) to make consistent with existing ideas (Al had to _____ his skepticism about aliens as he was looking at a flying saucer.)
rectitude (n.) uprightness, extreme morality (The priest’s _____ gave him the moral authority to counsel his parishioners.)
redoubtable 1. (adj.) formidable (The fortress looked _____ set against a stormy sky.) 2. (adj.) commanding respect (The audience greeted the _____ speaker with a standing ovation.)
refract (v.) to distort, change (The light was _____d as it passed through the prism.)
refurbish (v.) to restore, clean up (The dingy old chair, after being _____d, commanded the handsome price of $200.)
refute (v.) to prove wrong (Maria _____d the president’s argument as she yelled and gesticulated at the TV.)
regurgitate 1. (v.) to vomit (Feeling sick, Chuck regurgitated his dinner.) 2. (v.) to throw back exactly (Margaret rushed through the test, _____ing all of the facts she’d memorized an hour earlier.)
relegate 1. (v.) to assign to the proper place (At the astrology gathering, Simon was _____d to the Scorpio room.) 2. (v.) to assign to an inferior place (After spilling a drink on a customer, the waiter found himself _____d to the least lucrative shift.)
relish (v.) to enjoy (Pete always _____d his bedtime snack.)
remedial (adj.) intended to repair gaps in students’ basic knowledge (After his teacher discovered he couldn’t read, Alex was forced to enroll in _____ English.)
remiss (adj.) negligent, failing to take care (The burglar gained entrance because the security guard, _____ in his duties, forgot to lock the door.)
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