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SAT Words 53

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pillage (v.) to seize or plunder, especially in war (Invading enemy soldiers _____d the homes scattered along the country’s border.)
pinnacle (n.) the highest point (Book reviewers declared that the author’s new novel was extraordinary and probably the _____ of Western literature.)
pithy (adj.) concisely meaningful (My father’s long-winded explanation was a stark contrast to his usually _____ statements.)
pittance (n.) a very small amount, especially relating to money (Josh complained that he was paid a _____ for the great amount of work he did at the firm.)
placate (v.) to ease the anger of, soothe (The man purchased a lollipop to _____ his irritable son.)
placid (adj.) calm, peaceful (The _____ lake surface was as smooth as glass.)
platitude (n.) an uninspired remark, cliché (After reading over her paper, Helene concluded that what she thought were profound insights were actually just _____s.)
plaudits (n.) enthusiastic approval, applause (The controversial new film received _____ from even the harshest critics.)
plausible (adj.) believable, reasonable (He studied all the data and then came up with a _____ theory that took all factors into account.)
plenitude (n.) an abundance (My grandmother was overwhelmed by the _____ of tomatoes her garden yielded this season.)
plethora (n.) an abundance, excess (The wedding banquet included a _____ of oysters piled almost three feet high.)
pliable (adj.) flexible (Aircraft wings are designed to be somewhat _____ so they do not break in heavy turbulence.)
poignant (adj.) deeply affecting, moving (My teacher actually cried after reading to us the _____ final chapter of the novel.)
polemic (n.) an aggressive argument against a specific opinion (My brother launched into a _____ against my arguments that capitalism was an unjust economic system.)
portent (n.) an omen (When a black cat crossed my sister’s path while she was walking to school, she took it as a _____ that she would do badly on her spelling test.)
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