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SAT Words 52

of 1000

penultimate (adj.) next to last (Having smoked the _____ cigarette remaining in the pack, Cybil discarded the last cigarette and resolved to quit smoking.)
penurious (adj.) miserly, stingy (Stella complained that her husband’s _____ ways made it impossible to live the lifestyle she felt she deserved.)
perfidious (adj.) disloyal, unfaithful (After the official was caught selling government secrets to enemy agents, he was executed for his _____ ways.)
perfunctory (adj.) showing little interest or enthusiasm (The radio broadcaster announced the news of the massacre in a surprisingly _____ manner.)
permeate (v.) to spread throughout, saturate (Mrs. Huxtable was annoyed that the wet dog’s odor had _____d the furniture’s upholstery.)
pernicious (adj.) extremely destructive or harmful (The new government feared that the Communist sympathizers would have a _____ influence on the nation’s stability.)
perplex (v.) to confuse (Brad was _____d by his girlfriend’s suddenly distant manner.)
perspicacity (adj.) shrewdness, perceptiveness (The detective was too humble to acknowledge that his _____ was the reason for his professional success.)
pert (adj.) flippant, bold (My parents forgave Sandra’s _____ humor at the dinner table because it had been so long since they had last seen her.)
pertinacious (adj.) stubbornly persistent (Harry’s parents were frustrated with his _____ insistence that a monster lived in his closet. Then they opened the closet door and were eaten.)
perusal (n.) a careful examination, review (The actor agreed to accept the role after a two-month _____ of the movie script.)
pervasive (adj.) having the tendency to spread throughout (Stepping off the plane in Havana, I recognized the _____ odor of sugar cane fields on fire.)
petulance (n.) rudeness, irritability (The Nanny resigned after she could no longer tolerate the child’s _____.)
philanthropic (adj.) charitable, giving (Many people felt that the billionaire’s decision to donate her fortune to house the homeless was the ultimate _____ act.)
phlegmatic (adj.) uninterested, unresponsive (Monique feared her dog was ill after the animal’s _____ response to his favorite chew toy.)
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