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oration (n.) a speech delivered in a formal or ceremonious manner (The prime minister was visibly shaken when the unruly parliament interrupted his _____ about failed domestic policies.)
ornate (adj.) highly elaborate, excessively decorated (The _____ styling of the new model of luxury car could not compensate for the poor quality of its motor.)
orthodox (adj.) conventional, conforming to established protocol (The company’s profits dwindled because the management pursued _____ business policies that were incompatible with new industrial trends.)
oscillate (v.) to sway from one side to the other (My uncle _____d between buying a station wagon to transport his family and buying a sports car to satisfy his boyhood fantasies.)
ostensible (adj.) appearing as such, seemingly (Jack’s _____ reason for driving was that airfare was too expensive, but in reality, he was afraid of flying.)
ostentatious (adj.) excessively showy, glitzy (On the palace tour, the guide focused on the _____ decorations and spoke little of the royal family’s history.)
ostracism (n.) exclusion from a group (Beth risked _____ if her roommates discovered her flatulence.)
pacific (adj.) soothing (The chemistry professor’s _____ demeanor helped the class remain calm after the experiment exploded.)
palatable (adj.) agreeable to the taste or sensibilities (Despite the unpleasant smell, the exotic cheese was quite _____.)
palette (adj.) a range of colors or qualities (The _____of colors utilized in the painting was equaled only by the range of intense emotions the piece evoked.)
palliate (v.) to reduce the severity of (The doctor trusted that the new medication would _____ her patient’s discomfort.)
pallid (adj.) lacking color (Dr. Van Helsing feared that Lucy’s _____ complexion was due to an unexplained loss of blood.)
panacea (n.) a remedy for all ills or difficulties (Doctors wish there was a single _____ for every disease, but sadly there is not.)
paradigm (n.) an example that is a perfect pattern or model (Because the new SUV was so popular, it became the _____ upon which all others were modeled.)
Created by: RakRiv
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