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SAT Words 46

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mawkish (adj.) characterized by sick sentimentality (Although some nineteenth century critics viewed Dickens’s writing as _____, contemporary readers have found great emotional depth in his works.)
maxim (n.) a common saying expressing a principle of conduct (Miss Manners’s etiquette _____s are both entertaining and instructional.)
meager (adj.) deficient in size or quality (My _____ portion of food did nothing to satisfy my appetite.)
medley (n.) a mixture of differing things (Susannah’s wardrobe contained an astonishing _____ of colors, from olive green to fluorescent pink.)
mendacious (adj.) having a lying, false character (The _____ content of the tabloid magazines is at least entertaining.)
mercurial (adj.) characterized by rapid change or temperamentality (Though he was widely respected for his mathematical proofs, the _____ genius was impossible to live with.)
meritorious (adj.) worthy of esteem or reward (Manfred was given the congressional medal of honor for his _____ actions.)
metamorphosis (n.) the change of form, shape, substance (Winnifred went to the gym every day for a year and underwent a _____ from a waiflike girl to an athletic woman.)
meticulous (adj.) extremely careful with details (The ornate needlework in the bride’s gown was a product of _____ handiwork.)
mitigate (v.) to make less violent, alleviate (When I had an awful sore throat, only warm tea would _____ the pain.)
moderate 1. (adj.) not extreme (Luckily, the restaurant we chose had _____ prices; none of us have money.) 2. (n.) one who expresses moderate opinions (Because he found both the liberal and conservative proposals too excessive, Mr. Park sided with the _____s.)
modicum (n.) a small amount of something (Refusing to display even a _____ of sensitivity, Henrietta announced her boss’s affair in front of the entire office.)
modulate (v.) to pass from one state to another, especially in music (The composer wrote a piece that _____d between minor and major keys.)
mollify (v.) to soften in temper (The police officer _____d the angry woman by giving her a warning instead of a ticket.)
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