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SAT Words 42

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insurgent (n.) one who rebels (The _____ snuck into and defaced a different classroom each night until the administration agreed to meet his demands.)
integral (adj.) necessary for completeness (Without the _____ ingredient of flour, you wouldn’t be able to make bread.)
interject (v.) to insert between other things (During our conversation, the cab driver occasionally _____d his opinion.)
interlocutor (n.) someone who participates in a dialogue or conversation (When the officials could not come to an agreement over the correct cover of the flags, the prime minister acted as an _____.)
interminable (adj.) without possibility of end (The fact that biology lectures came just before lunch made them seem _____.)
intimation (n.) an indirect suggestion (Mr. Brinford’s _____ that he would soon pass away occurred when he began to discuss how to distribute his belongings among his children.)
intractable (adj.) difficult to manipulate, unmanageable (There was no end in sight to the _____ conflict between the warring countries.)
intransigent (adj.) refusing to compromise, often on an extreme opinion (The _____ child said he would have 12 scoops of ice cream, or he would bang his head against the wall until his mother fainted from fear.)
intrepid (adj.) brave in the face of danger (After scaling a live volcano prior to its eruption, the explorer was praised for his _____ attitude.)
inundate (v.) to flood with abundance (Because I am the star of a new sitcom, my fans are sure to _____ me with fan mail and praise.)
inure (v.) to cause someone or something to become accustomed to a situation (Twenty years in the salt mines _____d the man to the discomforts of dirt and grime.)
invective (n.) an angry verbal attack (My mother’s irrational _____ against the way I dress only made me decide to dye my hair green.)
inveterate (adj.) stubbornly established by habit (I’m the first to admit that I’m an _____ coffee drinker—I drink four cups a day.)
inviolable (adj.) secure from assault (Nobody was ever able to break into Batman’s _____ Batcave.)
irascible (adj.) easily angered (At the smallest provocation, my _____ cat will begin scratching and clawing.)
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