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SAT Words 41

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injunction (n.) an order of official warning (After his house was toilet-papered for the fifth time, the mayor issued an _____ against anyone younger than 21 buying toilet paper.)
innate (adj.) inborn, native, inherent (His incredible athletic talent is _____, he never trains, lifts weights, or practices.)
innocuous (adj.) harmless, inoffensive (In spite of their _____ appearance, these mushrooms are actually quite poisonous.)
innovate (v.) to do something in an unprecedented way (Because of the stiff competition, the company knew it needed to pour a lot of energy into _____ing new and better products.)
innuendo (n.) an insinuation (During the debate, the politician made several _____s about the sexual activities of his opponent.)
inoculate 1. (v.) to introduce a microorganism, serum, or vaccine into an organism in order to increase immunity to illness; 2. to vaccinate (I’ve feared needles ever since I was _____d against 37 diseases at age one; but I have also never been sick.)
inquisitor (n.) one who inquires, especially in a hostile manner (The _____ was instructed to knock on every door in town in order to find the fugitive.)
insatiable (adj.) incapable of being satisfied (My _____ appetite for melons can be a real problem in the winter.)
insidious (adj.) appealing but imperceptibly harmful, seductive (Lisa’s _____ chocolate cake tastes so good but makes you feel so sick later on!)
insinuate (v.) to suggest indirectly or subtly (I wish Luke and Spencer would stop _____ing that my perfect report card is the result of anything other than my superior intelligence and good work habits.)
insipid (adj.) dull, boring (The play was so _____, I fell asleep halfway through.)
insolent (adj.) rude, arrogant, overbearing (That celebrity is so _____, making fun of his fans right to their faces.)
instigate (v.) to urge, goad (The demagogue _____d the crowd into a fury by telling them that they had been cheated by the federal government.)
insular (adj.) separated and narrow-minded; tight-knit, closed off (Because of the sensitive nature of their jobs, those who work for the CIA must remain _____ and generally only spend time with each other.)
Created by: RakRiv
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