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SAT Words 25

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disaffected (adj.) rebellious, resentful of authority (Dismayed by Bobby’s poor behavior, the parents sent their _____ son to a military academy to be disciplined.)
disavow (v.) to deny knowledge of or responsibility for (Not wanting others to criticize her, she _____d any involvement in the company’s hiring scandal.)
discern (v.) to perceive, detect (Though he hid his emotions, she _____d from his body language that he was angry.)
disclose (v.) to reveal, make public (The CEO _____d to the press that the company would have to fire several employees.)
discomfit (v.) to thwart, baffle (The normally cheery and playful children’s sudden misery _____d the teacher.)
discordant (adj.) not agreeing, not in harmony with (The girls’ sobs were a _____ sound amid the general laughter that filled the restaurant.)
discrepancy (n.) difference, failure of things to correspond (He was troubled by the _____ between what he remembered paying for the appliance and what his receipt showed he paid for it.)
discretion (n.) the quality of being reserved in speech or action; good judgment (Not wanting her patient to get overly anxious, the doctor used _____ in deciding how much to tell the patient about his condition.)
discursive (adj.) rambling, lacking order (The professor’s _____ lectures seemed to be about every subject except the one initially described.)
disdain 1. (v.) to scorn, hold in low esteem (Insecure about their jobs, the older employees _____d the recently hired ones, who were young and capable.) 2. (n.) scorn, low esteem (After learning of his immoral actions, Justine held Lawrence in _____.)
disgruntled (adj.) upset, not content (The child believed that his parents had unjustly grounded him, and remained _____ for a week.)
disheartened (adj.) feeling a loss of spirit or morale (The team was _____ after losing in the finals of the tournament.)
disparage (v.) to criticize or speak ill of (The saleswoman _____d the competitor’s products to persuade her customers to buy what she was selling.)
disparate (adj.) sharply differing, containing sharply contrasting elements (Having widely varying interests, the students had _____ responses toward the novel.)
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