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SAT Words 21

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covert (adj. )secretly engaged in (Nerwin waged a _____ campaign against his enemies, while outwardly appearing to remain friendly.)
credulity (n.) readiness to believe (His _____ made him an easy target for con men.)
crescendo (n.) a steady increase in intensity or volume (The _____ of the brass instruments gave the piece a patriotic feel.)
criteria (n.) standards by which something is judged (Among Mrs. Fields’s _____ for good cookies are that they be moist and chewy.)
culmination (n.) the climax toward which something progresses (The _____ of the couple’s argument was the decision to divorce.)
culpable (adj.) deserving blame (He was _____ of the crime and was sentenced to perform community service for 75 years.)
cultivate (v.) to nurture, improve, refine (At the library, she _____d her interest in spy novels.)
cumulative (adj.) increasing, building upon itself (The _____ effect of hours spent in the sun was a deep tan.)
cunning (adj.) sly, clever at being deceitful (The general devised a _____ plan to surprise the enemy.)
cupidity (n.) greed, strong desire (His _____ made him enter the abandoned gold mine despite the obvious dangers.)
cursory (adj.) brief to the point of being superficial (Late for the meeting, she cast a _____ glance at the agenda.)
curt (adj.) abruptly and rudely short (Her _____ reply to my question made me realize that she was upset at me.)
curtail (v.) to lessen, reduce (Since losing his job, he had to _____ his spending.)
daunting (adj.) intimidating, causing one to lose courage (He kept delaying the _____ act of asking for a promotion.)
dearth (n.) a lack, scarcity (An eager reader, she was dismayed by the _____ of classic books at the library.)
debacle (n.) a disastrous failure, disruption (The elaborately designed fireworks show turned into a _____ when the fireworks started firing in random directions.)
Created by: RakRiv
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