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Define assimilation. To give up your standard form of culture and adapt fully to another one.
Define hearth. a point of origin.
Define folk culture. a small, rural, ISOLATED, community
Define ethnicity. Your ethnic background or where you were born.
Local Culture a group of people in a certain place who see themselves as a community, and like to distinguish themselves from others.
Define barrio a Hispanic zone.
Define ethnic cleansing the cleansing of a culture, like Hitler and the Jews.
What is perception of place? a sense that we develop about places we've never been through media.
Why do astronauts learn about geography? So that when they take a picture from space, or need to give a report to Earth about they are, they tell by looking at the at the geographic features around the world.
Describe the suffis. People who love their god and love to worship him with the passion.
In the 'A migrants heart' video, how were the Punjaabi separated from the whites. The government built a blockade.
When did the Imperial Age start? In the 1200s.
It has been estimated that 98 percent of Egypt's population occupies only __________ percent of the country's total area. 3%
The arithmetic density or population for a country is determined by dividing the total what? Population by total area.
Define step migration. Moving a little at a time, step by step.
Countries with aging populations attempt to stimulate economic growth to lessen the effect of rising medical and retirement costs by doing what? PROMOTING migration.
Is Japan a country that does not resort to immigrantion to offset problems? Yes, it is.
Define cultural landscape. The obvious appearance of human activity on a landscape.
Define cartography. The art/science of making maps.
A 'reference map' is a what? A map that shows where places and geographic features are.
What is a thematic map? Locations determined by a frame of reference (usually by latitude and longitude)
What does GPS stand for? Global positioning system
Define activity space. Places we travel daily in a routine.
What does a generalized map show? The average of annual precipitation around the world.
What does GIS stand for? Global INFORMATION system.
What is formal region? An area that is marked and remembered by obvious, unchanging features.
Describe a functional region. A type of region characterized by its function.
Name the 5 themes of geography. Location, place, human-enviroment interaction, movement, and region.
Where does most of Kenya's income come from? Coffee and tea production.
The coorinates of absolute location are useful mainly in determining exact what? distances and directions!
Define nationalism. When people think that they're country is better than everyone else's.
Define identity. who we are.
What does GNI stand for and what is it? Gross National Income; how much many the country is bringing in.
The European population axis is directly related to what? Orientation of Europe's rivers.
Where are the world's 3 largest population concentrations found (on what landmass)? Eurasia.
The number of people per unit area of agriculturally productive land is what? Physiologic density.
Define commodification. When something (name, good idea, ect.) that wasn't MEANT to be sold or bought becomes one.
Define cultural landscape. The landscape which results from many generations of human occupancy.
Define custom. A practice that a group of people routinely follow.
Define placelessness. Where everything is the same.
Popular culture. Music, fashion, what everybody is currently into.
Is the term 'race' real or fake? Completely fake.
Define reterritoriallazation. Readjusting border lines to meet your needs.
Define sex ratio. When ratios in terms of men and women.
What is a realm? A space bigger than a region.
Define maladaptive diffusion. Bad diffusion, or bad adaption.
What is cyclic movement? The seasonal movement of people.
Define refugee. Someone who is FORCED to leave. Remember: You are NOT a refugee if you are FLEEING A NATURAL DISASTER.
The location of a place in relationship to other places or features around it is called. Relative location.
Would a city and its surrounding region be a good example of a functional region? YES.
While it is not possible to measure the diffusion of cultural aspects quantitively, it is possible to trace what? DIRECTION of movement.
Define diffusion. The spread of ideas, cultural traits, knowledge, and skills from their places of origin to other areas.
Cholera is an ancient disease with its source area in: India!
What is satellite imagery? Pictures of Earth of other planets made by artificial satellites.
What is culture complex? When more than one one culture shows a certain culture trait.
Define a cultural hearth. A place where culture traits are made and diffuse.
Define glocalization. When people in a local place alter the regional, national, and global process
In what year did the cholera pandemic start, and where? 1842: London
What is gravital model? Why people migrate, like a pull factor.
How do people shape places? By making their mark on a natural element. Like Mt. Rushmore.
Define Independent Invention. A trait with lots of cultural hearths that developed independently.
What is nonmaterial culture? Non-material culture includes THE BELIEFS OF IDEAS THAT THE CULTURE FINDS IMPORTANT.
What is hierchical diffusion? Where an idea or innovation is spread by trickling down from larger to smaller adoption units.
Cultural appropriation. The process where other cultures embrace new customs and knowledge and use them for their own.
What are the three major types of folk housing. tidewater, new england, and mid-atlantic.
What is a replacement rate and where should a country's be? The number of births needed to keep a population at a stable level without immigration;2.1
What is overpopulation? Too many people for an area
Define region. ameans of handling large amounts of information. They are not geographically real.
What is gloBALIzation A set of processes that are increasing interactions, deepening relationships, and heightening interdependence without regard to country borders.
Alfred Wegener developed a hypothosis explaining the jig-saw like fit of the continental land masses on opposite sides of the North and south Atlantic Oceans called what? Continental drift.
What does spatial approach show? The arrangement and organization of the things on the surface of the Earth.
What branch of geography that focuses upon natural landforms, climate, soils, and vegetation of Earth. Physical geography.
How do places shape people? By changing the way people are thinking.
What is culture? Music, literature, art, dancing, and entertainment influenced by attitudes, practice, and ancestors.
Define ethocentrism. The idea that one group is better than the other.
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