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Security + CompTIA

Domain 5: Risk Management

SLA Service Level Agreement
BPA Business Partner Agreement
MOU Memorandum of understanding (not signed
ISA Interconnection agreement - defines security controls especially when US fed Government are connecting to each other
SLA, BPA, MOU & ISA are types of these interoperability agreements - help mitigate risk when dealing with third parties
Users that are responsible for creating or managing security policies Executive users, data owners and system owners
RTO Recovery Time Objective, target time you set for the recovery of your IT & Business activities after diaster
MTBF Mean Time Between Failure average time before a product requires a repair
MTTR Mean Time to Repair - average time it takes for a repair to take place, measured in hours
MTTF Mean tim To Failure - often referred to as "uptime" "time a system is online between outages or failures
Privacy Threshold Assessment determines whether a system can contain personal information
Privacy Impact Assessment needed for any organization that collects, uses, stores or processes such information
Risk Assessment function of threat vulnerability and impact
Risk = (equation) Threat x Vulnerability x Impact
Risk Identification includes asset identification, risk assessment, threat identification, classification and identification of vulnerabilities
ALE Annualized Loss Expectancy
ALE Equation SLE X ARO (Single Loss Expectancy X Annual Rate of Occurrence)
Change Management discipline that guides how we prepare, equip, and support individuals to successfully adopt change
Incident Response Plans include details surrounding incident categorization, prep roles, responsibilities, reporting requirements, escalation procedures, details on cyber incident response teams & training exercises
Incident Response Process 1. Preparation 2. Identification 3. Containment 4. Eradication 4. Recovery 5. Post- Incident
Order of volatility order in which evidence should be collected from most vulnerable to least volatile (ram & swap files being most volitale)
Chain of Custody ensures evidence is properly handled
DRP Disaster Recovery Plan - includes backup restoration, security recovery methods
Differential Backup Backup of all data altered since last full backup.
Incremental includes data changed since last incremental backup
Preventive Control computer login notification
Compensating controls used when a business or technological constraint exists and an alternate is effective in the current security threat landscape
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